5 Social Media Post Types to Engage Your Fans

5 Social Media Post Types to Engage Your Fans

5 Social Media Post Types to Engage Your Fans

Achieving a high level of user engagement isn’t easy. However, there are five types of social media posts that have a high propensity to increase follower  …


The goal of Social Media engagement should be kept in mind when developing a content strategy. The fact remains, though, that there are a few other factors to think about. One of them is the message you hope to send. Encourage them to promote your material, whether it’s a review of a new feature, some crucial statistics you’ve gathered, or a simple request for feedback. No matter what you hope to accomplish, your content should be easily adaptable to a specific style of post on social media that will bring about that aim and maintain the interest of your target audience.

Major 5 Types Of Social Media Posts


Competitions | Readohunt
Competitions | Readohunt

People are naturally competitive, making contests and sweepstakes effective methods of participation. To get your followers to spread your work, try holding a “Like and Share” contest. In fact, you may inspire your audience to produce content of their own by providing them with a branded hashtag to use in all of their posts. Conducting a contest for user-generated material is a great way to boost your social media profile’s visibility.

Some Usual Competition Concepts:

  • Put a tag on a friend’s profile if they are…
  • Leave a comment or a like to be eligible.
  • Share a picture of yourself while…
  • Survey questions of the trivial variety
  • Publish a story on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, and you might win!

How can I maximize the results of a social media contest?

Accompany it with a stunning picture. The best way to make your social media post stand out is to include stunning photographs. Allow minimal time or effort on the part of participants. You’ll have more people pitch in if they can do so with minimal effort. Make sure the prize fits in with your company’s image. Even though many people will be interested in the PlayStation 5, if you aren’t selling or affiliated with a console, your contest is meaningless.

2.Surveys And Polls

Make your followers interact or take action 1 11zon
Surveys And Polls | Readohunt

In addition to links and photos, polls are a fun and easy method to get your fans involved in your social network accounts. Polls are also fantastic resources for gathering information. Feedback from your audience can help you fine-tune your marketing strategy, enhance your business, and be ready for the launch of your next major feature. Conducting polls and surveys is a quick method to get your audience involved, identify their problems, and learn what they want from a company like yours.

What else do you need to know?

Voting can generate excitement! Instagram’s Stories feature, for instance, now has a polling option, making it more visually and interactively engaging. If you want to conduct a poll or survey in your blog’s comments section, you can use one of the many free online platforms available, such as EX.CO (14-day free trial), Apester, or Poll-Maker.

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Infographics | Readohunt
Infographics | Readohunt

Infographics are typically a smashing success because our brains are hardwired to process visual information. The visual information presented in infographics may be processed considerably more quickly than textual information. When trying to convey data, statistics, and other hard facts, an infographic is by far the most effective method.

Proper Usage Of Infographics:

  • Keep It Simple
  • Keep Minimal Data
  • Always Link The Infographics To Social Media Platforms


Videos Social Media | Raedohunt
Videos Social Media | Raedohunt

Video-sharing social media platforms like YouTube allow users to upload and share videos with their followers. Inviting others to view your video requires that they be allowed to share it and embed it on their own websites. When compared to other sorts of social media posts, videos almost always receive more views and receive more comments and likes.

Why Videos?

  • A lot of people watch videos.
  • Videos improve credibility and trust.
  • A lot of people will respond to videos.
  • Videos have a significant impact on audience participation.
  • You may more easily establish your credibility as an authority in your field when you use video.


Livestreams | Readohunt
Livestreams | Readohunt

Livestreaming content is another common form of social media sharing. Position yourself in the social scene by livestreaming on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Customers are more likely to buy from, stick with, and refer your business or product when they see a real face associated with it. Those who were unable to attend the livestream can still view the recording afterwards.

Why Livestream?

  • Try to attract more people.
  • Add some commentary to your subject matter.
  • Receive prompt responses.
  • Get people to take action so you may collect their contact information.

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