7 Best Communication Applications For The Young Ministry

7 Best Communication Applications For The Young Ministry

7 Best Communication Applications For The Young Ministry

These applications aren’t for chatting with kids or playing games; they help you streamline your ministry by keeping you organized.


A few years ago, it was impossible for the Youth Ministry to use only seven apps. Suddenly, things changed. Youth ministry apps are also accessible. Apps help us manage the young ministry, so they’re not only for entertainment purposes. These applications aren’t for chatting with kids or playing games; they help you streamline your ministry by keeping you organized. Whether you’re working with 10 or 10,000 young people, these 7 apps can help. Let’s look at youth group texting apps.


Need to send a group text to the kids at church? Can’t we just talk to your student leaders? Males only? Men excluded? Pet owners? Remind is capable of doing all of this. Youth Ministry relies heavily on a two-way system of communication.

Church attendance is just one element of the students’ hectic schedules. Beyond Sundays and Wednesdays and events, though, we can all agree that it’s important to keep the youth informed about what’s happening and what’s coming up. Luckily, this is where Remind comes in. Remind is one of the best communication apps for Youth Groups.

The free software Remind allows you to text your entire youth group or specific groups within your youth ministry. It’s where you can announce new episodes, planned activities, and even the weekly menu in the cafeteria to the students. You can also have all-male, and all-female Remind groups, as well as groups led by students and adults. The categories are great because not every message has to be sent to every person.

The church’s Youth Ministry can utilize the app Remind to send out a text with a link to the online Scripture texts for the “Read the New Testament in a Year” series. Many of the youths in the ministry group are getting these daily texts and reading the New Testament for the first time because of this wonderful applications.

Sending out messages at a specific time and date is also possible with Remind! Remind for sure makes a quality youth group communication app.


Come be a part of the thousands of churches using the best communication apps for Youth groups for your young and children’s ministry’s curriculum, check-in, attendance tracker, small groups, conversation starters, and icebreakers. Grow is the most fully-featured app for youth pastors and Sunday school teachers, as it is ideal for organizing events and communicating with participants. Curriculum: Here, you may find the Grow Curriculum small group discussion topics that are ideal for the students, volunteers, and parents in your youth ministry or kids ministry.

Assisting with Small Groups: Give Volunteers Instant Access to Their Grow Numbers Groups within the App. Leaders in the children’s and youth ministries find this to be a helpful addition.

Attendance: Access your full ministry information and easily check students and youth for your activities and events. You may also use it to keep tabs on who shows up to Sunday school or your other specific gatherings.

Icebreakers: Icebreakers is a free tool in Grow that helps you break the ice with any group, whether you’re a teacher, a youth leader, a parent, or a student.

Grow Applications | Readohunt
Grow Applications | Readohunt

Logos – Bible Software

When looking for software to help you study the Bible, go no further than Logos. Logos is one of those best communication Applications for Youth groups which has an easy interface.

With it, you may use your computer, tablet, or smartphone as a portal to various reference materials, including commentaries, Bibles, dictionaries, and word study tools. The method you use to learn from the Bible is also altered by Logos.

It will affect how a preacher gets around in the future. To prepare for your sermons at camp, you no longer need to worry about five long commentaries. Your computer serves as a central library for all of your books. There is only one drawback to Logos: its high price.

If you can’t afford Logos outright, it is recommended to talk to your manager about gradually adding the software and several books over the course of a few years.


Round the year, we are far too preoccupied with other tasks to provide the necessary social media reminders for your group. Regarding scheduling content for your social media accounts, Hootsuite is one of the best communication Applications for the Youth Group. Another advantage of using Hootsuite is that it is the most cost-effective option. The Hootsuite app allows you to set up alerts to remind you of important dates, create packing lists, and share updates. Once a month, devote a whole morning to planning out your social media content for the following four weeks. The church, too, will believe that you post more frequently than teenagers.

Planning Center Online

Services, check-ins, volunteers, and groups are all being rethought and reorganized with the help of Planning Center Online. Their Applications are user-friendly, and the monthly cost is affordable for churches making them the best communication Applications for Youth groups. Organizing your regular worship services with the help of the Planning Center Services App is a cakewalk. But don’t stop at weekly planning; use the planning center to map out the entire year, including thematic events, sermon series, and other creative elements. In addition to organizing and coordinating your group’s volunteers, Planning Center Online can be used to facilitate communication among your leaders, publish lesson plans, and track down any students who might have missed a group session.

Planning Center Online | Readohunt
Planning Center Online | Readohunt


Sending prayer requests and updates via video while traveling is a great idea. Quality video production is not dependent on expensive equipment like a GoPro and a MacBook. The quality of the pictures taken with your phone’s camera is also superb. This iOS and android applications allows you to edit videos rapidly. You may easily update your social media accounts with a short video you can capture while at camp, upload to Splice, edit, and share. Splice is one of the handiest and the best communication app for Youth groups.


Last but not the least, PackPoints is one of the best communication apps for Youth groups. The PackPoint app is a digital packing list that makes recommendations depending on the predicted weather at your end location. You can make a customized packing list and share it with your friends. One useful applications is to simplify the items you need to bring to camp. Instead of using an Excel spreadsheet, have your interns use PackPoint to create and share a summer camp packing list. They can go ahead and load up on other vital amenities while you manage the rest of the camp. PackPoint makes sure you don’t leave town without your camping essentials.

PackPoints | Readohunt
PackPoints | Readohunt


We are sure there must be a lot of other apps apart from our list of best communication apps in Youth Groups which will assist you in Youth Ministries. The top given seven apps are what we felt as the best youth ministry apps. All these apps are easily available in PlayStore (Applications) and AppStore (iOS). So, go ahead and lead your youth ministry with technology, affirmations, and love.

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