All That You Need To Know About iPhone 15

All That You Need To Know About iPhone 15

All That You Need To Know About iPhone 15

 iPhone 15 design and USB-C … One insider says the iPhone 15 could actually get a new design that will bring a more rounded rear and new border …


Even though Apple’s iPhone 15 is still a way off, significant leaks and rumors have already begun to surface. So, when can we expect the iPhone Top Model, and what new features will it have? In any case, the iPhone 15 family, like the iPhone 14 family before it, is predicted to debut in the autumn of 2023 with four different variants. Although external improvements are to be anticipated, we anticipate that the most of the work will be done on the interior.

Introduction iPhone 15 | Readohunt
Introduction iPhone 15 | Readohunt

We will receive the following models, briefly described below: There will be four new iPhones released this year: the 6.1-inch iPhone 15, the 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Plus with a larger battery, the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro with a quicker chip, better cameras, and other sophisticated features, and the 6.5-inch iPhone 15 Ultra, which will be the priciest of the lot. Okay, Ultra. Previously known as the Pro Max, Apple is expected to rebrand this product as the Ultra to better communicate to consumers that significant improvements have been made compared to earlier iterations.

iPhone USB-C Type connection

All four versions will almost certainly use a USB-C type connection, which will replace Apple’s Lightning port after nearly a decade of use. Since that is the same type of plug used by the vast majority of modern electronics, it could simplify your drawer organization. Weird design choices continue with the possibility that Apple will implement haptic buttons in place of the actual volume and power buttons, similar to the Touch ID key on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 series.

iPhone USB-C Type connection
iPhone USB-C Type connection | Readohunt

What else can we expect to be different? As for the iPhone Model, what new features can we expect? Learn more below, and keep in mind that we’ll be updating this post as more details become available.

The Release Date Of iPhone 15

New iPhones are always revealed in early September and debut a week and a half later than the announcement, a pattern that hasn’t altered in years. If Apple follows its usual pattern, the iPhone will be unveiled on September 12th, 2023, and will be available for purchase on September 22nd. Obviously, it is far too early to make such an accurate prediction, and these timeframes are dependent on Apple’s typical annual calendar rather than rumor or leak.

The Release Date Of iPhone 15 | Readohunt
The Release Date Of iPhone 15 | Readohunt
Family of DeviceAnnouncement DateMarket Release Date
iPhone 13 SeriesSeptember 14, 2021September 24, 2021
iPhone 14 SeriesSeptember 7. 2022September 16, 2022
iPhone 15 SeriesSeptember 12, 2023September 22. 2023

Cost of iPhone 15 Series

While we have a good idea of what to expect in terms of new features just on iPhone, designers don’t have any pricing information just yet, and given the rate of inflation, that’s understandable. But if we had to guess, we’d believe Apple would keep the very same pricing as the previous generation, with a possible price increase for the Pro Max/Ultra variant.

iPhone Model 128 GB256 GB512 GB1 TB
iPhone 14$799$899$999NA
iPhone 14 Plus$899$999$1099NA
iPhone 14 Pro$1099$1199$1399$1599
iPhone 14 Pro Max$1199$1299$1499$1699
iPhone 15$799$899$999NA
iPhone 15 Plus$899$999$1099NA
iPhone 15 Pro$1099$1199$1399$1599
iPhone 15 Pro Max$1199$1299$1499$1699
iPhone 15

Nomenclature Of iPhone 15 Models

The impending 2023 iPhone series is referred dubbed as “iPhone 15” by the media and leaks. Given that Apple hasn’t added a “S” to any of its product names in the past few years, it’s highly improbable that there will be an iPhone 14S.

 iPhone 15 Models | Readohunt
iPhone 15 Models | Readohunt

In that case, we can probably expect the following four iPhone 15 models’ names:

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max / iPhone 15 Ultra

What a lovely and straightforward solution!

lovely and straightforward solution | Readohunt
lovely and straightforward solution | Readohunt

Although it is not yet confirmed that the iPhone will be renamed the iPhone 15 Ultra, Apple has been gradually releasing items under the “Ultra” moniker since 2022, so it is possible that this will be the initial “Ultra” iPhone. However, nothing has been confirmed, and Apple may simply name the upcoming model the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Storage Capacity Of iPhone 15 Models

With the launching of the iPhone 13, Apple increased the base capacity of normal iPhone models to 128GB, and we expect the company to maintain this level of storage for the iPhone Top Model series.

This suggests that Apple’s base storage capacity for the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will be 128 gigabytes. Regarding the Pro and Ultra models, we can only speculate at this time, but there is a remote possibility that Apple will eliminate the 128GB tier and substitute it with a 256Gigabyte one. The likelihood of that happening is still quite low, though.

The new iPhone 15 and 15 Plus come with storage options of 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB.

iPhone 15 Pro/Ultra storage options: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB

Camera Specs Of iPhone 15

According to what we know so far, the iPhone 15 & 15 Plus will continue to include two cameras on the rear, while the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra will feature additional cameras. The rumor mill suggests that the iPhone 15 Pro will include a triple camera setup, with the triple-lens functioning as a 3X zoom. On the other side, a periscope-style zoom camera with a magnification factor of 5X or 10X is rumored to be included in the iPhone Ultra. However, we don’t know if that camera will be an additional (fourth) back camera or if it will replace the existing 3X zoom lens.

Camera Specs Of iPhone 15 | Readohunt
Camera Specs Of iPhone 15 | Readohunt

One of the businesses thought to provide Apple with the optical zoom, Lante Optics, is reportedly increasing production of the prism needed to manufacture this lens. According to the same reports, analysts are still determining if the periscope lens will only be available on the larger iPhone 15 Ultra model or if it will be available on the smaller iPhone 15 Pro model as well.

Furthermore, a new 8P lens for the primary camera has been rumored, suggesting that it will have more elements than previously and hence greater optical quality. However, this speculation has been debunked as of late, so it’s likely that the next generation of iPhones, due out in 2023, will continue to employ 7 MP lenses for the primary camera.

Another exciting rumor claims that Sony has created a new detector that Apple will employ for the primary camera of the iPhone. Supposedly, this new sensor can double the optimum signal level, which means it can collect double as much daylight as existing sensors. That, in turn, ought to assist in enhancing the contrast ratio and decreasing the noise in photographs.

Wide Camera (All iPhone 15 Models)12MP on 15 and 15 Max
Ultra – Wide (All iPhone 15 Models) 12 MP, f/2.4 on 15 and 15 Max
12 MP, f/2.2 on 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max
Telephoto (Only 15 Pro Model)12 MP, f/2.8, 3X Zoom
Telephoto # 2 (Only 15 Ultra Model)5X Zoom or 10X Zoom
Front Camera (All iPhone 15 Models)12MP, f/1.9, Auto-Focus

Design Of iPhone 15 Pro

There have been no leaks of concept art for the iPhone Top Model range as of yet, but the almost certainly switch to a USB-C connector instead of Lightning has to be the biggest news of all. Despite betting on a USB-C connector for its iPads (first on an iPad Pro in 2018) & Macbooks (first in 2015), Apple has avoided adopting one on iPhones.

Design Of iPhone 15 Pro | Readohunt
Design Of iPhone 15 Pro | Readohunt

However, new regulations from the European Commission may force it to make the switch. If this happens, consumers will have to go out and buy new cables, rendering current Lightning cables obsolete. The majority of modern electronics have a USB-C port, so you can charge them all with a single cable and not worry about leaving anything behind on your travels.

According to Mark Gurman, one of Apple’s most trusted insiders, USB-C is “basically a lock” for the iPhone Top Model. Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known industry insider, confirms this as well.

USB-C Transfer Speeds For iPhone 15 Models

There has been rumbling that although all iPhone Top models will transition to USB-C, only the Pro versions will enable faster transfer speeds, while the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will have the same slow USB 2.0 speeds as they were using the Lightning connector. The Pro variants, on the other hand, are rumored to be compatible with USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3, which would allow for transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps—ideal for transferring massive files like ProRes video.

USB-C Transfer Speeds For iPhone 15 Models | Readohunt
USB-C Transfer Speeds For iPhone 15 Models | Readohunt

Regarding the look of the iPhone, we anticipate Apple will continue with the same glass-and-metal construction that has proven so successful. Glare-inducing glass and aluminum bezels characterize non-Pro models, but the 15 Pro’s frosted glass and stainless-steel bezels set it apart. In addition, it has recently been speculated that the anticipated iPhone 15 Ultra will sport a titanium frame instead of a stainless one. Titanium is a superior material because it is lightweight and resists scratches very well; also, brushed titanium effectively conceals even the smallest of scratches.

According to another intriguing speculation, the iPhone Top premium models would ditch the mechanical power and volume buttons in favor of digital counterparts. There are no moving parts in these buttons, so yes! You’ll also need to equip the handset with four taptic engines—two on each side—to make the new haptic keys feel and function like physical buttons. The manufacturer of Apple’s Taptic Engine, Cirrus Logic, has also hinted that a new component will be introduced in the second period of 2023. We’re interested to learn what this means for case manufacturers and how it will function when your phone’s battery is dead.

Design Of iPhone | Readohunt
Design Of iPhone | Readohunt

Apple’s Dynamic Island, which debuted with the 14 Pro models, is expected to stay a Pro/Ultra element in the iPhone Top Model range. At the same time, the normal versions are anticipated to continue to come with the plain old notch. We don’t have much information on the iPhone Top Modal color options. We expect Apple to maintain its current lineup, possibly adding a handful of new color options for people who crave variety.

Display Of iPhone 15

Apple has located the optimal screen size, and we do not anticipate that the company will make any significant adjustments. As a result, the screen size of the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro will be 6.1 inches, while the screens of the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Ultra will be 6.7 inches. OLED displays will be incorporated into all four versions. However, there will likely be minor variations in the display’s maximum brightness, which will offer the Pro and Ultra versions a competitive edge.

Display Of iPhone 15 | Readohunt
Display Of iPhone 15 | Readohunt

The most important question concerns ProMotion. This technology was formerly only accessible on the Pro models. Still, although Apple has yet to comment on whether or not they plan to modify this for the 15 series, we continue to have our doubts about this possibility. All of the rumors and suspicions concerning some under camera and a transparent Face ID have been put to rest with the launch of the Dynamic Island, and this is no more even a consideration for the foreseeable future.

Specifications And Processor Of iPhone 15

Although we have already discussed the difference between the normal iPhone Top models, which are likely to utilize a weaker processor, and the Pro versions, which will use a faster Apple A17 Bionic processor, there is one component that all different models may share, and that component is the modem.

Specifications And Processor Of iPhone 15 | Readohunt
Specifications And Processor Of iPhone 15 | Readohunt

In all 4 iPhone Latest models, you may anticipate seeing the same modem manufactured by Qualcomm. Apple has a hostile relationship with Qualcomm, and the company has made efforts to break free and create its own modems. However, analysts suggest that this endeavor has been more difficult than anticipated, so Apple has decided to stick with Qualcomm.

Another rumored improvement is an increase in the amount of random access memory (RAM) in the Pro and Ultra models to 8 GB, whereas the 15 and 15 Plus are believed to continue using 6 GB of RAM. Satellite connectivity was introduced on the iPhone 14. By the time Apple releases the iPhone Top Model, we anticipate that the company will have ironed out the wrinkles in the technology and that it will function even more effectively.

Battery Of iPhone 15

Because Apple so infrequently makes significant modifications to its previous ideas, you should not anticipate significant shifts in the iPhone 15’s battery capacities. Apple refers to its iPhones as “all-day” smartphones; nevertheless, we believe that with moderate use, the iPhone Plus and Pro Max might be used for two days between charges, while the smaller versions are the only ones considered to be “one-day” devices.

ModelBattery Capacity (15 Series)Battery Capacity (14 Series)
Pro Max/Ultra4323mAh4323mAh

With the introduction of USB-C recharging on the iPhone, can Apple boost the charging speeds? Although our expectations are low, it is fair to anticipate charging speeds of approximately 25W for the smaller models plus 30W charging for the two bigger models. In addition, all four varieties of the iPhone Model will be compatible with Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging system, a magnetic charging option that can be pretty convenient.

New Features And Software Of iPhone 15

The iPhone 14 family is the first time that Apple has used different CPUs for its Pro and non-Pro models. The Pro and Ultra models received the most recent chips, while the non-Pro versions had one generation older processors.

Features And Software Of iPhone 15 | Readohunt
Features And Software Of iPhone 15 | Readohunt

We anticipate that this terrible tendency will persist in the iPhone series as well, although the complex manufacturing environment of the processors will determine the precise outcome. Chip manufacturer TSMC, which supplies Apple with processors, has started 3nm production, which could be used in the Apple A17 Bionic chipset. However, it is far too early to predict how well this will expand, which is one essential factor determining the processors used in the iPhone 15 series.

Who Should Hold Their Breath For iPhone 15?

Breath For iPhone 15 | Readohunt
Breath For iPhone 15 | Readohunt

If you are interested in USB-C, you should get your hopes up when the iPhone 15 is released. Using just a single wire for your different gadgets may be a lot of fun. Those who are passionate about photography should put some money aside to get the iPhone Top model, which features a periscope lens that has the potential to revolutionize photography and cinematography.

If you do not want to wait, you shouldn’t hold out for the iPhone Top Model, which will be released next year. The launch of the iPhone Model is scheduled for 2023! There are a lot of capable phones on the market, and you shouldn’t expect considerable advances in either performance or charging speed.

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