Android Mobile App Used Six Languages

Most Used Six Languages Used To Create Android Mobile Apps

Android developers write not only in Java and Kotlin despite a popular cliché. There are more mobile development languages to analyze here.


In the same way, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our life, the Android applications available on them are also indispensable. We can easily say that mobile applications drive our lives in one or the other ways, such as connecting us with people across the world Languages, allowing us to click and send visual things, allowing us to order our favorite food and chat with our friends, allowing us to shop for groceries and clothing, allowing us to book a cab or an airplane ticket online, allowing us to learn something and then teach it to others, and so on. Almost every task may be accomplished with a smartphone and an appropriate application.

There are a variety of application options for doing a variety of tasks. We only get to experience the app’s utility functions, and as a result, we tend to have a positive impact of them. But have you ever pondered the process by which such applications are created? Believe us; it is not at all an easy process to develop an application. No, it’s not something that everyone can do. However, once you’ve learned the fundamentals of several programming languages, you’ll be well on your way to developing your app. 

Top Six Android Languages

Most Used Six Languages Used To Create Android Mobile Apps
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Even though Kotlin is the official Android language, the list below provides a helpful overview of the many alternative languages that can be utilized for Android App Development.


The top programming language for Android is Kotlin, which works on several platforms. From 2019, after Java, it is the official language for Android App Development. It’s an alternative to Java that’s been adopted by the Android app developer community. The Java Virtual Machine is required for operation. It became an official Java language in 2017. Kotlin differs slightly from Java; unlike Java, it does not require semicolons at the end of every line. This is because Kotlin does not support the concept of a null pointer exception. Compared to Java, Kotlin is easy to understand and code, making it the recommended language for beginners. 


Most Used Six Languages Used To Create Android Mobile Apps
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The most popular programming language for creating Android apps till 2019 was Java. Constructional exceptions, null pointer exceptions, concurrency, verified exceptions, etc., are some aspects that make Kotlin a recommended language for newcomers to learn and use rather than Java. Adding the Android Software Development Kit to Java also adds to the coding complexity.


The Android Native Development Kit is used by programmers writing in C++ to create Android applications. The setup process is complicated and limited in C++. This leads to an increase in program bugs due to the high level of complexity.


Dart is a free and open-source language that may be used for various application development projects. It uses the Flutter framework while making mobile applications. It speeds up the process of making apps for the web, desktop, and mobile devices. It was created to be a client-optimized language platform for rapid application development. In terms of speed, Dart tops the list. Incorporating features like hot-reload, Dart streamlines the process of UI development.


If you need to make apps or games for multiple platforms, look no further than Corona. Its primary function is developing graphically intensive software, such as games. Corona uses Lua to develop Android Applications. Learning Corona is comparatively simple and thus adopted by many gaming programmers.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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The Adobe PhoneGap framework, powered by Apache Cordova, is used to generate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based Android applications. Other than Java Script, the other languages mentioned above don’t need much programming, so if you enjoy programming, consider these options.

End Note You should be familiar with the programming language you intend to use to develop your app so that you can make a firm decision on choosing the programming language. The languages you want to use depends solely on your needs and preferences. You must decide on the choice to become the best in the whole new world of Mobile App Development.

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