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Apple stands for quality. That’s what makes them the most pop brand all over the world. That said, “quality” to Apple means many things. It begins from the …

The Fall Event Of Pixel Apple

We adore seeing the rivalry between the two tech monopolies. During its Pixel event on Thursday, the tech giant Google revealed its Pixel 7 lineup, the long-rumored Pixel Watch, and teased a forthcoming dockable Pixel tablet, and we are here for it. Google also delivered several sick burns to its longtime adversary Apple. Apple has been Google’s chief competitor for many years.

The live stream of Google’s event started off with a humorous piece of advertainment in which a bunch of artists organized an impromptu virtual jam session by using their Pixel smartphones, watches, and headphones. It was a lot of fun to watch! While we were watching what we thought was another Apple event when all of a sudden, a cool quartet started making wonderful music on the same stage where Google’s execs were going to emerge. Is Google currently considered “hip”?

Google Pixel 4 XL vs iPhone 11 Pro Max specs and features preview clash of the squares
The Fall Event Of Pixel Apple | Readohunt

We will admit that we have a personal interest in this topic because we are currently sitting here with a Fitbit on our left wrist and a Pixel 6 to our right, but despite this, we still think it’s really fascinating. We felt compelled to say “probably not” since someone is undoubtedly calculating how many times Google just made a “How do you do, fellow kids?” joke.

The Google Pixel 6 is an excellent device, the Pixel Watch seems to have a lot of potentials, and Android 13 comes with a lot of exciting new features to look forward to. However, the Pixel brand has still only earned 2% of the market in North America, whereas the iPhone has earned 52% of the market.

However, for an underdog story, we don’t fare too well, especially considering that we’re one of the world’s largest companies and a software behemoth with a checkered past in the hardware sector. And it’s also entertaining to see the “underdog” be so ruthless.

Lock Screen Widgets Apple Always-On Display

Lock Screen Widgets Apple Always-On Display
Lock Screen Widgets Apple Always-On Display | Readohunt

During the keynote for the Pixel 7, Google’s Vice President of Product Management Brian Rakowski said, “We consider it as a compliment when others in the industry follow our lead.” Rakowski specifically mentioned the always-on display, lock screen widgets, and astrophotography capabilities of the Pixel.

To quote a line: but we’ve had access to all of this stuff for a very long time! In the most recent — checks watch — month, Apple introduced two notable new features: an always-on display for the iPhone 14 Pro and lock screen widgets for iOS 16. Both of these updates were released simultaneously.

Car Accident Monitoring

Rakowski also brought up the fact that Google had already implemented car-crash detection three years before it became popular; in other words, before the iPhone 14 was even a glimpse in Apple’s mind.

Design And Symmetry of the iPhone

The focus here is on personal, tactile, and wearable devices, such as your smartphone and watch. And due to their smooth, rounded surfaces, they are always comfortable in the hand and on the wrist. Google also mocked Apple’s design decisions by subtweeting the iPhone’s hues and slab-like shape with flat edges.

Unblurring Of The Photo

One of the most exciting new features that Google has added to the Pixel 7 is called Photo Unblur. According to Google, this feature will sharpen blurry photos, including older ones that were taken “on a phone or a camera that doesn’t quite match the quality of a Pixel phone.” For example, an iPhone? We will just repeat the silent part out loud for this part.


The most eye-opening zinger was delivered by Google’s obligatory RCS plea. With an emphasis on the words “modern” and “most,” Rakowski stated that RCS is the current modern industry standard for messaging and that it has already been accepted by the majority of the business. It is important to note that RCS is essentially a Google-developed technology and is not technically considered an industry standard (and not without its problems).

Since 2008, Google has been making efforts to bring RCS into existence, thus appropriating the green bubble shame story. Rakowski continued, “We hope that every device-maker receives the word and implements RCS, which will make texting a better experience for every user of a smartphone.” To put it another way, we would like to request that you continue to support Rich Communication Services.

RCS | Readohunt
RCS | Readohunt

This is not the first time that Google has criticized Apple for not “getting the message.” Back in August, Google created an entire Android campaign dedicated to the cause, and this time it was quite clear who the effort was aimed at. Earlier in 2022, Google made a number of announcements regarding improvements to its Messages app.

Many of these improvements make it more pleasant to text a friend who uses an iPhone. But google Apple has dug down on its own messaging software with the release of iOS 16, introducing additional capabilities such as the ability to unsend a text message, which won’t work if the recipient is on team Android. Tim Cook snorted and said, “Buy your mum an iPhone.”

There is still a separation between the blue and green bubbles. So much drama! It would be irresponsible of us not to point out that this underdog story is not without its share of plot twists: Google later announced features for the Pixel phone lineup that it copied from Apple, such as Cinematic Blur (or Cinematic Mode), 2x zoom, and face unlock/Face ID. These features were included in the Pixel phones.

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