Bard To Be Introduced To ChromeOS

Bard To Be Introduced To ChromeOS

Bard To Be Introduced To ChromeOS

There is a possibility that Google will introduce its ChatGPT competitor Bard to ChromeOS.

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About Bard

Bard, endorsed by Google, is a competitor to ChatGPT, which is supported by Microsoft. Only “trusted testers” can access the AI chatbot at this time. The tech behemoth has not yet provided a date for a broader user distribution.

Microsoft unveiled the updated Bing web browser and Edge browser supported by ChatGPT just days following Bard’s revelation. Now it seems that Google may have plans to increase Bard’s functionality as well. 9to5Google claims that development on porting Bard to ChromeOS has begun at Google.


The term “under the hood” is used to describe characteristics that are reminiscent of Bard.  The article claims that recent changes in ChromeOS’s source code indicate the experimental addition of a function called “conversational search.” Additionally, “Add functionality flag for launcher chat” is written on the feature page. Notice the use of “conversational search” and “launcher chat”; these terms strongly suggest the use of a Bard AI chatbot in this scenario.

ChromeOS  | Readohunt
ChromeOS | Readohunt

Users who actively seek for Chrome flags are the only ones who will see them. In all likelihood, customers will have to enable it themselves via the “chrome:/flags” page. Also, this Chrome flag could only work on ChromeOS.

Search based on natural language to replace the system’s default search function.

If you enable the experimental feature, the search functionality of the ChromeOS launcher will supposedly be replaced with conversational search. This was apparently discovered by taking a closer look at the code. It is possible that Bard AI will be used for the similar purpose by the search function, which now searches offline storage in addition to the internet in reaction to a search query.

According to the source, the chat feature will appear in ChromeOS as a tabular format in the bubble launcher, just like Google Assistant does. This is in keeping with how the feature is currently implemented in Android. Additionally, it may display previous talks in a window that can be scrolled, in addition to a search box that can be used to look up new questions or initiate brand new dialogues.

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