China will get the OnePlus Buds Ace on February 7

The OnePlus 11 high-end Smartphone and OnePlus Buds Ace are set to release together on 7th February,2023 in China.

The seventh of February will be a busy day for this, as the company will be releasing several new products, including the OnePlus 11R, the OnePlus Tab, and many others, in addition to its most rapidly rising smartphone, the is. But that’s not the end of it. On February 7, The will launch the Ace 2, also known as the is, and a new version of its OnePlus Buds Ace headphones in China, the company’s home market.

The company has published previews for the is, that offer a glimpse of the forthcoming earbuds and showcase them including both white and black hue versions. The firm has also produced a teaser for the is Ace Pro, which shows off the headphones’ in-ear design. At this moment, there is not a great deal of information that can be found regarding the Buds Ace.

According to appearances, the is appear to have a striking similarity to the allegedly forthcoming OnePlus Nord Buds 2, that has been the subject of speculation for some time. Additionally, these appear to be very much like the classic that were released a year ago. Therefore, it is reasonable to anticipate that these will be distributed as the Nord Buds 2 in India as well as other regions outside of China.

Probable Features Of OnePlus Buds Ace

Probable Features Of OnePlus Buds Ace | Readohunt
Probable Features Of OnePlus Buds Ace | Readohunt

We do not have a great deal of information concerning the OnePlus Buds Ace at this time. On the other hand, when we consider the similarities that exist between it and the Nord Buds 2, we have a good reason to believe that the two different sets of earbuds will have technical particulars that are equivalent to one another.

The earbuds feature a stem design that is flat, and they have in-ear silicone tips. They have an appearance that is comparable to those of the Nord Buds. Additionally, the casing is quite like to that of the is Nord Buds. As was previously rumored for the Nord Buds 2, the earphones could come equipped with capability for communication through Bluetooth 5.3.
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A listing for the OnePlus Buds Ace that can be found on suggests that the headphones would have noise cancellation as well as ‘deep noise reduction.’ In addition to this, the earphones have a battery life that can last for a maximum of 36 hours at a time without needing to be recharged.

On February 7, the is will be released in China, equipped with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. On the same day, the smartphone will be introduced to the Indian market under the name OnePlus 11R.

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