Find YouTube Trending Video Topics Easily

Find YouTube Trending Video Topics Easily

Find YouTube Trending Video Topics Easily

Trends on YouTube aren’t born and raised in the confines of YouTube itself. It’s time to start researching other resources besides the platform itself if you want to identify viral themes that can help you expand your channel’s subscriber base.


What are the most popular YouTube videos right now? Finding the sources of potential viral video ideas can be challenging, but it is possible.  However, this does call for a slight mental adjustment. You wouldn’t be able to find the top trends on YouTube alone but would have to look across the rest of the internet.

The more sites you check, more the YouTube trends you’ll find; it’s just simple math. The following are six trusted resources to kick off your investigation.

Scan The Website Of Google Trends

Scan The Website Of Google Trends | Readohunt
Scan The Website Of Google Trends | Readohunt

You may recall that we argued that the most interesting trends emerge outside from YouTube. In that case, you can rely on Google Trends to assist you track down those specific times. Using this instrument, you may see how any subject has fared in online popularity over a long-time frame.

Learn how to make the most of Google Trends with this guide.

Search Trends

Google Trends may be seen by selecting Trending Searches with in sidebar.

Choose a country and then explore the daily and real-time trend data presented in the first two tabs.

The “daily” option displays what’s been popular over the past day, while the “real-time” option displays what searches are now trending. The two lists should provide a good overview of what’s trending online.

YouTube Search

Type a search term into Google Trends’ main page’s search field; ideally, this should be something pertinent to the channel you’re monitoring.

Click on the appropriate tabs at the top to narrow your search by location, time frame, and topic; then, select YouTube as the service through which to look.

Examine the chart carefully to get a feel for the level of interest in your subject.

Need to delve even further? Below, you’ll find a panel with related subjects and questions; please scroll down to view it. You will get other options for videos that are relevant to your initial search.

Explore Page On YouTube

Explore Page On YouTube | Readohunt
Explore Page On YouTube | Readohunt

In addition to traditional media, YouTube can be mined for trend information.

Visit YouTube, and then select Explore from the menu on the left.

This website compiles the most popular videos now trending on YouTube across all of YouTube’s categories, including but not limited to music, movies, games, news, sports, education, and beauty. Though it lacks the depth of Google Trends, it’s a fantastic resource for keeping tabs on developments in your field.

Research On TikTok Trending Topics

TikTok is the incubator for new movements. It seems sense to check out some TikTok videos if you’d like to know what’s popular now (or what will become popular soon) on YouTube. However, the act of “viewing” is merely the beginning. Check out the popular clips and tags in the TikTok Creativity Center to get up to speed quickly.

Here is how you can do this:

Access the TikTok Creative Center and register for an account. Next, from the main menu, pick Trend Intelligence.

Check out the trending topics by browsing the videos or using the hashtags.

The hashtags page allows you to narrow your search by selecting a specific country and time period, in addition to a specific industry. A trending hashtag graph is also included to illustrate the upward or downward movement of particular hashtags. If you click See Analytics, you can see even more data.

The videos page on TikTok is stripped down to only a time-frame selector and a “hot, likes, comments, and shares” filter. But if you scroll down, you’ll find hundreds more viral TikToks to watch.

Utilize Twitter For Trends

Twitter users are interested in real-time events and information. In other words, it’s the best site to find hot themes for your videos.

If you haven’t done so before, you should start following some relevant Twitter topics for your YouTube channel:

On Twitter, select More from the sidebar on the left.

To view the list of Topics, please click here.

Simply select a topic from the Suggested list that interests you, and you’ll start receiving updates about it. Additional content areas are accessible via the category tree.

If you choose to follow a certain topic, you will start to see tweets about that topic in your feed. That makes it simpler to spot movements that could inspire entertaining video content on YouTube.


Learn how to put those ideas to the test before you implement these on your channel now that you understand how to locate trends on YouTube.

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