Gmail tips for 2023

Gmail tips for 2023

Gmail tips for 2023

Follow these steps to quickly and Gmail easily purge your inbox of unwanted messages.

Introduction: Gmail

Each year around this time, we make a resolution to ourselves that “next year” will be the year that we finally get our holiday act together. In an effort to bring order to the pandemonium that has taken over our home, we have been stocking up on clear plastic bins.

In any case, staying organized isn’t only about finding a spot for the family’s shoes. Email inboxes are a great example of how important it is to keep your technological resources organized. It’s simple to feel like you’re drowning in emails, what with job, family, and all those newsletters. Thus, Gmail includes many tools that can assist you in your New Year’s resolution to simplify your digital life.

Clean Spam

Gmail uses artificial intelligence to automatically delete spam and other junk messages. Nearly 15 billion spam, phishing, and malware-infected emails are blocked every day by Gmail. If a message arrives that shouldn’t have, you can mark it as spam by ticking the box next to your message and then choosing the Report Spam symbol. If you are already within the message, you may easily report it as spam by clicking the button labeled “Report Spam.” Even if it doesn’t meet the technical definition of spam, you can still block the sender so their communications are never delivered to your inbox.

Inbox To Archive In Bulk

Looking at a full email after the holidays is gone can be stressful. So, how do you even begin? To reduce the amount of email you have to read, bulk archiving is one option. Let’s imagine your child’s teacher has sent you a large number of emails, most of which don’t require immediate attention. If you’re using a desktop computer, type in the teacher’s email address and then tick the box that appears to the left of the “From” search filter. Select all messages by checking the box or narrow the selection to read messages only, to unseen messages only, to starred messages only, or to messages with no stars at all. Click “Archive” then to hide them from your email but keep them for future reference. What a soothing sensation.

Silence Email Threads

Silence Gmail Threads | Readohunt
Silence Gmail Threads | Readohunt

There will likely be a lengthy email thread if a group meeting or family reunion is being planned for the year 2023. Fed up with your friend’s cousin’s incessant advice on how to throw a great bachelorette party? If you don’t want to be alerted to new replies in your inbox, you may mute the conversation and have new messages routed to the “All Mail” folder. Simply mark the checkbox to the left of the message in your desktop mailbox, click the three dots in the upper right, and then select Mute. To mute a message on a mobile device, press the text, select the three-dot menu in the upper right, and then tap Mute. You won’t see every model keeps at the top of your inbox but the emails will be readily available when you look for them or click your “All Mail” label. Phew.

Segregate Emails

You use your Gmail account for a wide variety of purposes, including but not limited to interacting with family and friends managing work-related tasks, and keeping tabs on your online shopping. Simply said, there are a plethora of pursuits that pick up where they left off following the winter slump. However, when all those messages start piling up in your inbox, it can be difficult to keep up. One simple solution is to use the plus symbol (+) when signing up for services that require your email address. Create a filter or label for messages from your gym if you sign up for an account using The next time you’re trying to remove the clutter from your social media or online shopping sites, give this a try.

Safeguarding Emails

Cleaning up your inbox is only half the battle. In the same vein, you should take precautions to ensure the security of your electronic correspondence. Take the time to complete Google’s Security Checkup and Privacy Checkup, and then implement the recommended changes (such as using a strong password, enabling 2-factor authentication, and populating your Account Recovery information) to ensure that your entire Google account is secure. So you can begin the year on a positive note without risk.

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