January Of 2023, Microsoft Windows 8.1 Will Stop

January Of 2023, Microsoft Windows 8.1 Will Stop

January Of 2023, Microsoft Windows 8.1 Will Stop

Windows 8.1 reaches end of support on January 10, 2023. After that date, if you’re running Microsoft 365, you’ll no longer receive updates for the Office apps …

Windows 8.1 Update

Microsoft is ready to abandon Windows 8.1, the operating system it released in 2013 to mask Windows 8’s poor reception. Microsoft has revealed that support for Windows 8.1 will cease in January 2023, leaving users of the ageing operating system vulnerable to any newly discovered security flaws. In the past, Microsoft has brought back an older version of the OS to provide critical security updates, but it appears that this won’t happen with Windows 8.1.

Microsoft to end Windows 8.1 support:

In a few days, on January 10, 2023, Microsoft will no longer provide any kind of legal support for Windows 8.1. There will be no further OS updates after that date. The security of Windows 8.1 will diminish with the release of each new bug that is discovered. After the end date, Windows 8.1 will no longer receive updates, even for the Microsoft 365 suite.

Those still running Windows 8.1 will be forced to switch to Windows 10 or 11 by either buying a new computer or installing the new operating system on their current device. It’s likely that PCs built after Windows 8 won’t be able to run Windows 11 due to the OS’s demanding system requirements.

Microsoft to end Windows 8.1 support | Readohunt
Microsoft to end Windows 8.1 support | Readohunt

Microsoft frequently sends out patches containing significant updates and security fixes as for as a Windows version is officially maintained. Nonetheless, as soon as a fresh OS version is released, the quantity of new functionality begins to dwindle. Support expires a few years later, or even longer than that for more prominent versions of Windows. Microsoft delayed the termination of maintenance for Windows XP multiple times until it could ultimately be abandoned in 2014.

Windows 8.1 Feature

Companies can often continue receiving security patches even after official support has ceased. While costlier, these contracts prevent potentially dangerous security holes in mission-critical platforms that cannot be updated quickly. The Windows 8.1 version, however, does not include this feature. The same fate befell Windows 8, which was officially retired in 2020.

Windows 8.1  Feature | Readohunt
Windows 8.1 Feature | Readohunt

Despite the lack of touch-optimized programs for Windows, Windows 8 attempted to redesign the operating system’s interface for the modern day. It got rid of tried-and-true elements like the Start button and hid the desktop interface behind a tile-based Start Screen. Microsoft introduced Windows 8.1, an updated operating system version, a year after Windows 8 to address user complaints and make it more similar to previous Windows versions.

Windows 10 new feature

When Windows 10 was released in 2015, nearly every new feature introduced with Windows 8 and 8.1 was taken away. Statcounter reports that Windows 8 makes up only 2.45 per cent of all Windows installs, a steep drop from before Windows 10 became available. Microsoft likely decided against providing an official support program due to the product’s poor adoption rate.

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