Learn how to view your deleted messages in Discord

Learn how to view your deleted messages in Discord

Learn how to view your deleted messages in Discord

Discord is currently among the most widely used voice-over IP applications. Its original purpose was as a gaming-specific chat program, but it has subsequently expanded to be useful for absolutely everyone.


Discord has all the features you’d expect from a modern chat app, such as group chats, audio and video calls, screen sharing, and fully featured servers with customizable roles. Everything from simple texting to talking and streaming is supported.

While this is interesting, it does raise another inquiry. This is just one of many messaging apps that allows users to delete previously transmitted messages. In this piece, we’ll investigate whether or not it’s possible to recover texts from a trashed Discord conversation.

Viewing Deleted Messages On Discord

Viewing Deleted Messages On Discord Readohunt
Viewing Deleted Messages On Discord Readohunt

It’s not allowed in any official capacity. You cannot recover any messages that you have erased from a is server or conversation.

However, there are a handful of options for recovering lost correspondence.

Employing a Plug-in (requires BetterDiscord)

Employing software specifically designed to collect information from online discussion forums.


BetterDiscord is required for this solution because that does not support native plugin integration. This, without getting too technical, is an upgraded form of it that supports external plugins, has greater customization possibilities, and is geared more toward advanced users. Add this MessageLoggerV2 plugin after installing BetterDiscord. All ghost pings, edit history, and deleted messages are saved.

Message – Scraping Bot

Instead of using BetterDiscord, you can utilize a message-scraping bot. For the sake of this blog, we’ll be utilizing Dyno, a widely used server moderating it bot.

  • Simply visit the Dyno bot main page and hit the “Add to Server” button.
  • We’ll be utilizing Dyno’s free tier, so select the Add to Host option.
  • Your current browser window will open in Discord, where you may enter your username and password to access your account. If you already have an account with Dyno, select it.
  • Click Continue after choosing a server.
  • You will be prompted by It to verify the access granted to Dyno. To proceed, check that, for minimum, the Read Messages access is checked and then click Authorize.
  • After you’ve added Dyno to your server, you’ll be taken to the bot’s configuration page. After customizing the bot to your liking, click the Save button.
  • Create a path where we may send your text deletion logs. In order to make a new channel in Discord, you may either click the plus sign next to an already category or right-click the web server and choose to Create channel.
  • Create a new channel with a custom name, set the Channel Type to “Text,” and toggle the Private Channel switch on. Just move on by selecting the Next button.
  • Don’t forget to add the Dyno bot to your team! If you want someone else to access the forgotten messages, you can add them. When ready, select the Create Channel option.
  • Go back to the Dyno homepage and pick Action Log from the Modules menu.
  • Check the toggle switch in the upper right corner to make sure the module is active. Select the newly formed Log Channel and enable the Messages Delete, Image Delete, and Quantity Message Delete features under Events.

Well, that wraps things up. A log will now be present in your discarded messages channel with the message body each time a text is deleted.

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