New Cardinals TV announcer will be Chip Caray

New Cardinals TV announcer will be Chip Caray

New Cardinals TV announcer will be Chip Caray

According to a person familiar with the matter with the discussions, St. Louis native Chip Caray will be Bally Sports Midwest’s principal play-by-play announcer.

Chip Caray: Introduction

A source close to the discussions has revealed that Chip Caray, a native of St. Louis and the grandson of legendary Cardinals broadcaster and Hall of Fame inductee Harry Caray, will be coming home to take over play-by-play duties for Bally Sports Midwest. However, the team has not officially announced the transfer.

Caray, who is 57 years old, is departing Bally Sports South, in which he has worked on Atlanta Braves telecasts for the previous 18 seasons. Sources say that on Tuesday or Wednesday, Chip Caray will be officially hired by Bally Sports Midwest. Caray was born in St. Louis, the son of longtime St. Louis-KMOX announcer Skip Caray. He attended Parkway West High School and then moved to Atlanta.

On Saturday, it was reported by the Belleville (Illinois) News-Democrat that Aaron Goldsmith, a current announcer for the Seattle Mariners and a native of St. Louis, was in the running to take over the principal play-by-play responsibilities for the St. Louis Cardinals. Bill DeWitt Jr., the owner of the Cardinals, was recently asked by at the team’s Winter Warm Up celebrations if he thought it was vital to hire a broadcaster with good connections to St. Louis and/or the Cards. You could say that’s thrown into the pot, too.

During the years 1945–1969, Harry Caray Sr., Harry’s renowned grandfather, worked side by side another Baseball Hall of Fame broadcaster Jack Buck to announce games in St. Louis. Due to Harry’s untimely death, Chip Caray was unable to join him on WGN in Chicago to broadcast Cubs Smart TV games during the 1998 season. Skip Caray, the late son of Harry Caray, was the radio announcer for the ABA’s St. Louis Hawks when the team relocated to Atlanta in 1968. For three seasons before Skip’s untimely death in 2008, Chip Caray and Skip called Braves games in Atlanta.

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Caray will fill the job left open by Dan McLaughlin, who resigned from Bally Sports Midwest last month after his third arrest on accusations of driving while intoxicated in early December in suburban St. Louis. For 24 years, McLaughlin was the embodiment of Cardinals baseball as the play-by-play announcer.

The Cardinals have found a way to connect their illustrious heritage on the field with their listeners and viewers through the hiring of Caray. From 1954 until 2001, Buck called Cardinals games alongside Harry Caray on the radio, and a bust of him stands in front of Busch Stadium in downtown St.

Louis. Buck is a fellow both of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and the Cards Hall of Fame. Mike Shannon, a native of St. Louis who played baseball with both the Cardinals from 1962 to 1970, will retire as the team’s radio broadcaster at the end of the 2021-22 season.

The expanding Orlando Magic hired Chip Caray in 1989, and that marked the beginning of his career in professional sports broadcasting. Caray reverted to his family’s MLB heritage after season 10 of calling NBA games, calling titles for the Braves (1991–92, 2005–09, 2010–22), Mariners (1993–95), and Cubs (1992–93). (1998-04). He has contributed to MLB studio shows and broadcasts on FOX (1996-2000) and TBS (2007-09).

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