Now Change Your System Font On iOS 16

Now Change Your System Font On iOS 16

Now Change Your System Font On iOS 16

On iOS 16, users will have access to a new tool that will allow them to alter the system typeface on their iPhone.

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Without having to resort to jailbreaking their devices, Apple customers will soon be able to customize the typeface that is used by the operating system on their iPhones running iOS 16 thanks to a new tool developed by a software developer.

MacRumors claims that throughout the past, Apple has improved the level of customization that iPhone customers have access to; nevertheless, one thing that iPhone owners are unable to modify is the system-wide font that is used across the device.

iOS version 16

Zhuowei Zhang, a software developer, was able to create a program that adjusts the typography that is used all through the operating system of an iPhone by taking full advantage of a weakness that appeared in earlier iOS version 16 and constructing the application using the vulnerability.

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According to the study, Zhang exploited a security weakness that was fixed in iOS 16.2, thus in order to utilize the tool and make changes to an iPhone’s system-wide typeface, the device’s operating system must be iOS 16.1.2 or an earlier version.

In addition, if you want to determine what version of that iPhone is running, you may do so by going to the Settings app, selecting General from the menu, and then selecting About.

According to the source, Apple finally signed iOS 16.1.2 over the weekend, which means that users who are already on is will no longer be able to reinstall their operating system.

According to the report, the software is offered on GitHub in the form of an IPA file, and it gives users the ability to select their preferred font from a selection that includes Comic Sans MS, Fira Sans, and Deja Vu Sans Mono.

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