Now more than ever OnePlus Android Phones are Enticing!

Now more than ever, OnePlus' Android Phones are Enticing!

Now more than ever, OnePlus' Android Phones are Enticing!

The current best Android phone is the OnePlus 10 Pro, and it stands as one of the most recommendable Android phones around thanks to its …

OnePlus Android Phones

The OnePlus 10 Pro is one of the most fantastic Android phones on the market. Now, Gary Chen, the company’s chief of software products, has shown how OnePlus’s mobiles will become even more worthwhile investments.

This is due to Chen’s announcement at the Android Phones Open Ears Forum in London that “chosen devices launched in 2023” will receive a minimum of 4 Updated software and five years of security patches. That implies the Chinese manufacturer will continue to release updates to the operating system, functionalities, and security patches for the OnePlus Android phones for the next five years after the device is purchased.

About the promise, Chen said:

“Since we’re a business that places a significant emphasis on the complete satisfaction of our clients, improving the quality of life for our clients has been one of our highest goals. Due to the growing trend of customers keeping their gadgets for longer, we need to ensure that this option is available. Through this new approach, Android Phones ensures its customers always have the most up-to-date cybersecurity and functional features necessary to drive the company’s renowned speed and smoothness.”

OnePlus is now a formidable rival to Samsung

OnePlus Android Phones | Readohunt
OnePlus Android Phones | Readohunt

With this announcement, Android has put itself on an equal footing with Samsung Galaxy , which earlier this year announced its own extended software support promise (also 4 years of OS updates).

The fact that there will be four years of Android software OS updates and five years of security patches mean that the vast majority of people who use mobile phones will be fully protected for the lifetime usage of their handset. According to the data, most mobile phones are altered within a three-year cycle.

It also makes an impact within the Android smartphone sector that OnePlus smartphones are here to stay, which is something that we are incredibly delighted to hear because has been one of the most intriguing Android companies over the course of the previous decade.

OnePlus Future Android Phones

The fact that this commitment will only be applied to “select” future Android phones and that it will not be retrospectively applied to any previously released android phones, such as the OnePlus 10T, are two aspects of this announcement that are somewhat bothersome. The first of these aspects is that this commitment will not apply to all prospective Android phones.

In the grand scheme of things, though, there is no disputing that this software support pledge renders Android smartphones sound significantly more appealing. We anticipate that the first smartphone suitable for this 4-year obligation will be the forthcoming OnePlus 11, which is scheduled for release at the beginning of 2023.

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