Possible Charge All Apple Devices with Just One Adapter?

Is it Possible to Charge All Apple Devices with Just One Adapter?

Is it Possible to Charge All Apple Devices with Just One Adapter?

If you have a higher-wattage USB-C power adapter—such as the one that came with your Mac laptop or iPad. All Qi-Enabled Apple Devices.

Apple Devices

Apple’s ecosystem for charging Apple devices is a challenging dilemma with a straightforward solution. For example, the maximum amount of power that an iPhone charger can provide is 20 watts, whereas a MacBook charger can provide up to 97 watts. The iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods each come with their own set of connections to connect them to your computer. Which Apple device, including the Watch and AirPods, can be charged with a single charger, and what is that charger?

Apple Type-C Cable

When shopping for an iPhone charger, searching for the MFi certification is essential. A lot of people would instead purchase an original charger from Apple, and products such as the MacBook come with a charging brick in the package (at least for the time being). A Type-C to Lightning cable is included with the iPhone, a Type-C to MagSafe cable is included with the MacBook, and a Type-C to Magnetic fast charger is included with the Apple Watch. Observe anything they have in common? Every one of these goods comes with a cable that terminates in a Type-C connector.

The answer, in a summary, is yes; you only need one Apple charger to power all of your Apple gadgets. However, owners of Apple devices such as the MacBook will require a charger with a higher voltage capacity. Even if it is possible to charge any of them with a 20W adapter, the process of charging a MacBook, especially one from the Pro range, can be frustratingly weak.

Which Apple Charger Is Compatible With Each And Every Apple Product?

Apple Charger | Readohunt
Apple Charger | Readohunt

Technically, any Apple gadget may be charged using an Apple Type-C adaptor. However, in order to rapidly charge more advanced models, such as a MacBook, it is best to invest in an adapter with a larger output. The Apple brick that appears to offer the best value for the money is the 35W twin Apple USB-C converter. First and foremost due to the fact that it can provide rapid charging for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Because it can charge the laptop at its maximum possible rate, it is also the finest charger for owners of an M1 MacBook Air.

If you add extra money to the budget, you may make the bargain more appealing to customers who are looking for a charger with a higher output. In addition, chargers with higher outputs tend to be bulkier and less convenient for transport. A charger with 67 watts of power can be used to charge gadgets used by MacBook Pro users. Users of new MacBooks won’t need to carry more than one adapter if they bring along the charging brick that comes standard with the Apple device. This is a significant benefit of the product.

Apple USB-C Charger

Apple also sells more expensive charging bricks that range from 96W to 140W. These bricks are especially helpful for people who buy 16-inch MacBook Pros. On the other hand, Apple only has a single USB-C connector on its higher-power chargers. Therefore, customers are only allowed to charge a single Apple device simultaneously. However, the dual USB-C charger has an advantage over its more powerful counterpart because it can simultaneously charge two devices through its two ports.

The only disadvantage of the 35W adapter is that it shares the power between the two ports while they are both being used. If a MacBook and an iPhone were both to be charged at the same time, for instance, neither Apple device would charge at its maximum capacity. It may take longer than usual to charge two devices at the same time, but it shouldn’t be difficult to charge a watch or AirPods together with an iPhone.

Confusion Over Apple Adapters

Apple Adapters | Readohunt
Apple Adapters | Readohunt

After all, is said and done, we’ve determined that the 35W dual USB-C converter is the Apple charger that offers the best value for the money. The fact that the twin port brick can charge two devices at once is the only reason why this is the case. Consumers would benefit more from a charger with dual ports that provided either 67W or 96W of power, but Apple is not on board with this idea. Therefore, for the time being, the charger with 35W should be sufficient for the majority of Apple devices, including the basic MacBook Air.

There is still room for development despite the fact that all Apple chargers have a USB-C port on one end. The Lightning cable and a magnetic puck are both components that are still utilized by Apple for the iPhone and the Apple Watch, respectively. If Apple equipped all of its products with USB-C ports, the majority of users wouldn’t need to transport more than one cable at a time.

The forthcoming European Union regulation that mandates all gadgets to have a USB-C charging connector could bring about a shift in this situation. To charge their Apple devices, users may need to carry various cables till then, but if anyone is reading this, ideally they will just need one adaptor for all of their charging requirements.

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