Review Of Asus ROG 6 – The Best Gaming Phone Ever!

Review Of Asus ROG 6 – The Best Gaming Phone Ever!

Review Of Asus ROG 6 – The Best Gaming Phone Ever!

Advance Review] ASUS “ROG Phone 6” and “ROG Phone 6 Pro” Unboxed and Reviewed! The highest Smart Phone spec gaming phone that takes “winning” at games to the…

ROG Phone 6 features

Those on the market for a new smartphone likely have their wish list of desirable features. What appeals to you may not interest others, and qualities that appear inconsequential may have deep meaning for someone else. This was foremost in my thoughts as I reviewed the Asus ROG Phone 6, as it is not a phone for the masses but one that caters to the desires of serious mobile gamers who need cutting-edge hardware and a one-of-a-kind design. After using the ROG Phone 6 for a week, these are my impressions.

Device With Edgier Designs But Heavy In Weight

The ROG Phone 6 looks very similar to the ROG Phone 4 and ROG Phone 5, with only minor tweaks here and there. It’s not bad that Asus is following in Apple’s footsteps and other leading phone manufacturers by maintaining a single aesthetic for three years. When using the ROG Phone 6 for media consumption or gaming, you will notice its heft.

Many large phones use the same metal-and-glass sandwich design as the ROG Phone 6, although not all of them feel as thick and hefty as the ROG Phone 6. Even so, the ROG Phone 6 is more attractive in hand. The front is almost entirely a screen, with a small bezel at the top for the selfie camera and a larger one at the bottom. The concealed speakers at the top and bottom of the glass are also a nice touch.

ROG Phone 6 | Readohunt
ROG Phone 6 | Readohunt

The back is geared toward die-hard gamers and is far less streamlined than the iPhone’s. With the passage of time, I’ve seen that Asus gaming laptops have taken on a distinct look that appeals to gamers; with the ROG Phone 6, the firm has attempted to duplicate this look, but in a more approachable way. You’ll find a tri-camera and LED flash array on the back, a little “Dare to Play” RGB logo, and a luminous component.

Some extra ultrasonic sensors are located on the side, possibly over your ring finger rests when you hold the device in landscape orientation. The ROG Phone 6 retains its dual USB Type-C connectors from previous models, one on the bottom and one on the sides.

You can find here:

The phone still has a 3.5mm headphone port, which is unusual for high-end devices these days. Though, one can understand why a headphone jack would be necessary for a Gaming phone. The phone has an IPX4 rating, which implies it can withstand brief exposure to water. Most notably, One doesn’t need a bulky case as one would for a Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch Lite because the phone is still pocketable. The ROG Phone 6 is an improvement from previous attempts to squeeze console-level gaming into a mobile device.

Smooth Gameplay At 165 Fps Is Possible On The High-refresh Rate Display

The ROG Phone 6’s AMOLED screen is 165 Hz and 6.78 inches, with a resolution of 2448 x 1080. Asus claims the ROG Phone 6’s display can attain a maximum brightness of 800 nits under direct sunlight and 1,200 nits when playing back HDR10 or Dolby Vision content. The display can sample touch input at 720 hertz, making it more responsive.

The Samsung-made 165-Hz display (which adapts itself as per software) is a fantastic feature to show off. The ROG Gaming Phone 6 has a ridiculously high refresh rate, but I wonder if even the most dedicated mobile gamers would be able to make use of it. The issue is that one needs help to think of a single game that catches interest that supports a refresh rate of 165 hertz. The 165 Hz frame rate is mostly for show since most popular games can only run at 120 Hz.

Smooth Gameplay At 165 Fps | Readohunt
Smooth Gameplay At 165 Fps | Readohunt

Extremely Quick Speed

Before utilizing the ROG Phone 6, we knew what a huge, powerful phone was for. It was meant for work and play. News professionals need a reliable gadget. Loading vital apps shouldn’t hang, and the energy should last. Composing and revising articles on the ROG Gaming Phone 6 is fine.

The ROG Gaming Phone 6’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset is powerful, proving Asus‘ Gaming boasts. Apps open instantly. Mobile editing is easy. This device plays podcasts, audiobooks, and videos. Its 6,000mAh battery lasted 1.5 days on a charge, which impressed us. A 65W Hyper Charge connector in the box can charge the phone 100% in 40–45 minutes. Wireless charging is absent.

Gaming Equivalent Of A Ninja

A lot of you are reading this review mainly because you want to know how the ROG Phone 6 did in gaming. The ROG Phone 6 ran Alto’s Adventure and Apex Legends Mobile smoothly. Yes, iPhone 14 runs the same games. The ROG Gaming Phone 6’s high-refresh-rate display and powerful, bass-heavy dual front-facing speakers improved visuals and responsiveness.

The ROG Phone 6 Air Triggers’ ultrasonic sensors, which can simulate physical buttons, are crucial to gaming. Air Triggers prove useful when you play games like Genshin Impact. The Armoury Crate application launcher mimics the console UI. It enables you to customize screen refresh rate, processor power, graphics chip power, RAM power, and more. One week hardly scraped the ROG Gaming Phone 6’s many features.

Gaming Equivalent Of A Ninja | Readohunt
Gaming Equivalent Of A Ninja | Readohunt

Is The Asus ROG Phone 6 Worth It For You?

Asus ROG Phone 6 is a luxury Gaming phone. Hardware-wise, Asus has mastered the idea of a strong gaming phone in your pocket. The ROG Phone 6 has several solid concepts, like developing a “mobile gaming” environment with first party accessories. But that’s where the top comes, making it impossible for Asus to overcome the formula of developing the most high-end gaming phone that may have worked for some buyers. After six generations of gaming cellphones, the ROG Gaming Phone 6 should have resembled a Steam Deck, effectively bringing PC gaming to handheld devices.

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