Ronaldo sets record as Portugal Wins Ghana | Match

Ronaldo sets record as Portugal Wins Ghana | Match

Ronaldo sets record as Portugal Wins Ghana | Match

Ronaldo opened scoring with historic goal at fifth successive Match. Ayew equalised for Ghana but Felix, Leao secured points for Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo closed his eyes and took a deep calm breath as his mind planned the strike his right foot would release. Everyone and everything around him seemed to pause for a moment and exhale. His eyes sprung open, firm and intense. Even the rest of the globe agreed. His first step was taken.

Their mental and fictitious surroundings, both real and imagined. He moved forward a stride. The third movement was a natural sweep of his right foot. It’s almost musical when he gets a good swing on the ball and hits it exactly how he wants to. Sounding like the most melodic drum roll. The ball just took off, and for a second, it looked like it was going to smash through the net.

In the 65th minute, Rolando’s time had come, a time that had been coming for a while but had finally arrived.

The 37-year-old broke a record by scoring in five separate World Cups.

Cristiano Ronaldo | Readohunt
Cristiano Ronaldo | Readohunt

Portugal ultimately proved they were more than Ronaldo by overcoming Ghana 3-2 in a nail-biting thriller that sprang to life following Ronaldo’s moment. But they have been bigger than him for some time. However, it usually revolves around him. Despite the match’s historical significance and the potential drama, skills, and excitement that could develop, including Joao Felix’s silky footwork and Ghana’s ferocious response, the story will always revolve around Ronaldo.

Maybe, that’s the way he prefers things to be. Everything he did and didn’t do, every step he took, every tear he shed, and every feeling he had were meticulously recorded. That he is considered one of football’s all-time greats is only part of the reason why this story is so compelling.

Ronaldo’s performance World Cup

There has been a lot of supposition, hypothesis, and speculation about how the drawn-out soap opera might affect Ronaldo’s performance at the World Cup. The release of pent-up resentment may be the cathartic release he needs to realize his goal of winning the World Cup; it may be the perfect comeback to the Manchester United management staff who had snubbed, scared, and snapped at him; it may be the shining affirmation of mainstream success,

the supreme triumph of individualism; it may be the cleansing balm for his troubled mind. It might be his downfall if he goes into the World Cup feeling the need to prove his detractors and skeptics wrong, if his ego gets in the way of his team’s title run, if he gets lost in the magnitude of the stormy buildup if it is a distraction that isn’t essential.

Ronaldo's performance World Cup | Readohunt
Ronaldo’s performance World Cup | Readohunt

No matter what happens, there will be drama. Ronaldo’s an entertaining character, so there’s always drama. In contrast to his great counterpart, the introverted and self-effacing Lionel Messi, Ronaldo has an irresistible ailment for the arc-lights, an unapologetic, single-minded pursuit for ultimate sporting glory, and a self-instilled, smoldering self-belief that he is beyond all.

He has created an artificial environment for himself. He wants everyone on the team to gravitate toward him and focus on him. Even if every team, including PSG in his late-season prime, is centered around him, Messi still manages to inspire a sense of teamwork and camaraderie with his demeanor. On the other hand, Ronaldo seems to want everyone to love him, although this may be because of no mistake of his own.

Ronaldo Floating Ball

From when Ronaldo rolled the ball to start the contest to the 87th minute, during which he was taken off, the contest was all about Ronaldo and the steam and roll that surrounded him. While he nearly had a Ronaldo moment or two in the opening 65 minutes, it was a painful experience. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity worthy of Ronaldo himself. Ronaldo jumped about four feet into the air, paused before landing, and then arched his head to meet the floating ball, directing it down into the open goal.

Ronaldo appeared to stop aging at that very moment. If he were to score, it would be more than a simple goal. A target that can serve as a declaration, blessing, or dismissal. Unfortunately, the ball bounced off his head and into the arms of the goalie. He sat down, slammed his fists on the turf in frustration, stood up, and stared upwards as if he could see his future in the stars.

Ronaldo Flying Goal

A few moments later, he struck the grass and sent it flying. After a wonderful spin away from Alexander Djiku, in which he brushed the defender’s ankle, he chipped the ball to the corner. A minor infraction, yet nevertheless an infraction. Like a deceived man, he raged at the referee and the world. He acted out a scene of extreme frustration, throwing his arms in the air and his face into a mask of contempt.

He would flail his arms, shrug his shoulders, kick the grass, and push the ground with his feet. Divinity, fortune, and the stunning initial contact all seemed to have abandoned him. In the first two minutes of the game, he was hit in the foot with the ball. But Ronaldo’s heavy first touch sent the ball careening toward Baba Rahman’s path, and in his haste to recover possession, he collided with Rahman.

Ronaldo Flying Goal | Readohunt
Ronaldo Flying Goal | Readohunt

The next contact was firmer. Bruno Fernandes played a sublime ball toward his channel, but it rolled off his foot and was intercepted by a diving Lawrence Ati-Zigi in the goal. Saddened, Ronaldo stared off into the horizon.

He was alone in the first few minutes of the second half, and things got worse when Ghana, which had been submissive for the first 45 minutes, started to play. He was agitated and yelling at his mates to improve their availability, pass, and understanding of his plays. He lost time with each second.
By the 65th minute, though, Ronaldo’s chance had arrived. The rhythm was as soothing as a drum.

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