Simple Hack To Type With One Hand On Your Phone!

Simple Hack To Type With One Hand On Your Phone!

Simple Hack To Type With One Hand On Your Phone!

Are you struggling to type on your smartphone while using just one hand? Just give this shortcut for typing a try right now.


It is now much more difficult to type using only one hand due to the proliferation of smartphones equipped with huge displays. It is a difficulty that many people have because there are instances when you are traveling, sipping a cup of coffee or whatever else, and at the same time you are attempting to compose a message on the phone with the other hand. Extremely disheartening! If you are having trouble typing with one arm on the Android smartphone, then this Typing Club hack will completely transform the way you are accustomed to typing in the future.

This is what “one-handed mode” looks like on an Android phone. You can operate your device more effectively with only one hand if you switch to the mode that’s referred to as “one-handed mode.” Whenever the one-handed system is enabled, you can effortlessly access notifications, the content of apps, and other features by simply pulling down the upper half of the screen with one hand.

You should be aware, however, that this feature will not become accessible until Android version 12 or later receives an upgrade. Therefore, if you are seeking forward to utilizing this hack, you need to ensure that the operating system on your Android smartphone is at latest Android 12. In addition, you may change the size of your keyboard to facilitate faster typing in any program. Curious to know how? Acquire the knowledge necessary to activate the One-handed style on Android smartphones.

Tips for using the keyboard’s one-handed mode

 keyboard's one-handed mode | Readohunt
keyboard’s one-handed mode | Readohunt
  • Simply launch a program that requires you to enter text.
  • Tap the triple dots option that is located above the keyboard after you have opened the Keyboard option.
  • At this point, select the One-Handed option, which will cause the keyboard to magically condense down onto just one of the screen’s sides.
  • While you utilize the left or right arrow, you have the option to move it to opposite side of the display, depending on what you require.
  • If you wish to reset the keyboards to its initial configuration, all you have to do is tap the four arrows that are pointing in opposite directions.

Step-By-Step Method To Type One Handed On An Android Smartphone

Handed On An Android Smartphone | Readohunt
Handed On An Android Smartphone | Readohunt
  1. Activating the mode on your phone is yet another option for using it with one hand. Launch the app labeled “Settings” on your mobile device.
  2. To access the Gesture options, first navigate to the System settings menu.
  3. Now look for the One-handed mode, and once you find it, just activate it by turning on it’s Use One-handed mode switch.
  4. You can pull the bottom of the display down to make more room. In a similar vein, you can rip it off when you find yourself in need of it.

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