Steps To Integrate ChatGPT With WhatsApp

Steps To Integrate ChatGPT With WhatsApp

Steps To Integrate ChatGPT With WhatsApp

You’ve come to the right site if you want to discover how to connect ChatGPT With WhatsApp.


Do you think ChatGPT is cool and how it works? How about if we combine ChatGPT with WhatsApp? You’ve finally come to the right place, though. In this piece, we’ll examine the process of combining ChatGPT and WhatsApp. The cutting-edge artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT can compose essays and provide answers to your questions.

Since OpenAI made ChatGPT available last month, it has seen significant adoption. It is the most recent breakthrough in generative AI and has drawn billions of dollars in funding from the IT sector. Integrate ChatGPT with WhatsApp to make a bot, then use the Whatsapp API to communicate with WhatsApp. The final step in setting up the Chat GPT with WhatsApp interface is to make an OpenAI API and link that to your WhatsApp bot. You may say it’s a god in a bottle.

Connect ChatGPT with WhatsApp and make a bot using the WhatsApp Business API. Make the Open Artificial Intelligence Application Programming Interface Integrate the OpenAI API to the WhatsApp bot, then complete integrating Chat GPT. OpenAI designed ChatGPT, a pilot artificial intelligence chatbot which focuses on dialogue. The chatbot is a major language model that has been enhanced through supervised and reinforcement learning. It really is centered on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model, an upgraded version of GPT-3. ChatGPT quickly gained popularity since, in contrast to competing chatbots, it generates remarkably complete, human-like written language. The desire to integrate ChatGPT with WhatsApp is widespread as a result.

Method # 1

Build a ChatGPT-integrated WhatsApp Bot.

Build a ChatGPT with WhatsApp Bot | Readohunt
Build a ChatGPT with WhatsApp Bot | Readohunt

Create A WhatsApp Bot

Get the WhatsApp API for Business > Make a conversational flowchart > Use a chat room creator > Try out your chatbot > Start chatting with the API on your mobile device.

Acquire the Open AI API

Register an OpenAI profile > Enter your API key here > Make a new, secure password

Build a WhatsApp bot with OpenAI’s API.

To connect ChatGPT with WhatsApp at this time, you must utilize th OpenAI API. This is performed at your own risk, as Whatsapp may block your account if it determines the interface is not authentic. That’s why the ChatGPT uses the WhatsApp API to reply to people on Whatsapp when they ask it questions. Following these steps will grant you access to a ChatGPT with WhatsApp chatbot.

Method # 2

Launching ChatGPT and configuring your WhatsApp number with a Python script

Launching ChatGPT ChatGPT With WhatsApp number with a Python script | Readohunt
Launching ChatGPT ChatGPT With WhatsApp number with a Python script | Readohunt

WhatsApp ChatGPT integration GitHub code download Download zip package > Run in terminal Enter ls. Enter “python” > Confirmation WhatsApp integrates ChatGPT. Daniel, a researcher, wrote a python script to simply setup your WhatsApp number and used the go programming library for ChatGPT in WhatsApp.

1.To obtain the source code, simply visit GitHub and hit the download button.
2.When you find the file you want, click the “download zip” button.
3.Launch the “Whatsapp-gpt-main” program now.
4.Launch the “” file by opening the terminal and running it.
5.Just type “ls” and press enter.
6.Type “python” to run the Python server.
7.Your phone number has been added to the OpenAI conversation page immediately.
8.Check the box that says “I’m not a humanoid:” before continuing.
9.OpenAI ChatGPT is now available in your WhatsApp account.
10.ChatGPT is available via WhatsApp, where you may interact with the bot by asking it questions.

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