The Three Options Retrieving Lost iPhone Text Messages

The Three Options Retrieving Lost iPhone Text Messages

The Three Options Retrieving Lost iPhone Text Messages

You can retrieve deleted iPhone text messages on your iPhone by restoring them using an iCloud backup. You can also use iTunes or Finder to recover your texts..

Understand the following points before proceeding to the blog

  • By restoring from an iCloud backup, lost iPhone text messages can be retrieved.
  • If you have backups of your iPhone stored on your computer, you can access those backups with iTunes or Finder and retrieve theiPhone text messages there.
  • If you’ve exhausted all other options, contact your mobile provider; they may be able to retrieve any lost text messages for you.

Whether you delete your iPhone messages on a regular basis or you have recently erased a large number of them to clear up space on your device, you should always make an effort to keep the texts that you still require. There are a few various approaches you may take on your iPhone to recover lost iPhone text messages, so there is no need to freak out if you find that you have deleted some iPhone text messages by accident that you had intended to save.

What follows is essential information for retrieving the messages.

Make use of iCloud

Make use of iPhone Text Messages | Readohunt
Make use of iPhone Text Messages | Readohunt

You may be able to retrieve deleted iPhone text messages from your iPhone by utilizing a recent backup, provided that your iPhone is configured to back up to iCloud. This will return your iPhone back to the configuration it had at the time that the backup was created.

P.S. Even though restoring from an iCloud backup will assist you in retrieving lost iPhone text messages, there is a possibility that some of your other data will also be lost in the process.
Here’s what you need to do:

  • This is the moment to launch the iPhone’s “Settings” application.
  • To access the page for your Apple ID, select your name from the menu at the top of the Settings page.
  • Tap the iCloud icon, and then check the list of apps that are utilizing iCloud to ensure that the Messages app is turned on.
  • Check that your iPhone has been backed up lately by selecting the iCloud Backup option and looking at the timestamp that is located next to the phrase “Last successful backup.”
  • Return to the primary menu of the Settings app and select the General option.
  • Tap the Transfer or Reset iPhone option after scrolling down the page.
  • To delete all content and settings, tap the Delete All button and then tap the Confirm button to be sure that’s what you want to do. To disable Find My, you will most likely be asked for the password to your iCloud account.

P.S. You will lose all of the stuff on your device when you do this, including photos, movies, apps, contacts, and messages. In addition to that, it will remove any and all payment methods that were utilized for

Apple Pay and turn off any and all services, such as iCloud and iMessage.

  • The process of returning your iPhone to its original factory settings will take a few minutes. Following that, the initial welcome screen that appears on the iPhone will be presented to you. After completing the initial few steps, you will arrive at the Apps & Data screen. Once there, select the option to Restore from an iCloud Backup.
  • Sign into your iCloud account so that you can see your backups, and then select the most recent backup you created before deleting the iPhone text messages that you need to retrieve.

iCloud and iMessage | Readohunt
iCloud and iMessage | Readohunt

Download It Through Apple’s Itunes Or The Mac’s Finder

  • If you backed up your iPhone to a Mac or PC rather than to iCloud, you could try to restore your iPhone using that backup rather than the iCloud backup. This requires utilizing iTunes if you are on Windows and Finder if you are on a Mac operating system. To retrieve messages from an iPhone that have been erased using iTunes or Finder:
  • After you have connected your iPhone to your computer, launch iTunes or Finder unless these programs have already been launched automatically.
  • When using iTunes, select the Summary option from the menu on the left side of the screen after clicking on the phone symbol at the top of the screen. Click the name of your phone in the Locations section of the menu on the left side of the Finder window.
  • If you click the button labeled “Restore Backup,” the backup of your previous texts should be loaded onto your device. If they don’t, it means that certain texts were not saved with your backup.

    Note: Click the radial button that says This Computer on iTunes or back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac on finder if the Restore Backup button is grayed out. Both of these options may be found in the menu bar. After you have located the text you require, you will be able to revert it.

Retrieve Lost Text Messages From Your Service Provider

If nothing else works, you could try contacting the company that provides your mobile phone service. In the same way that they keep a record of your phone calls, some service providers also keep a record of the iPhone text messages you send and receive. You will need to use the customer care line provided by the service provider or log in to your account with the carrier. In either case, it is a decent option for a last-ditch effort to retrieve that message from your iPhone after it has been deleted.

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