Microscope Quiz 

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Parts And Functions

Multiple Choice Quiz

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The microscope has been used in science to understand elements, diseases, and cells.  Do you believe you understood how to use it? 

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Welcome to the ultimate Microscope Quiz. This quiz will check how much do you know about Microscope Parts and Functions


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2.  Binocular microscope

4.  Simple dissecting microscope

3.  Compound microscope

1. Simple microscope

Q. Identify the microscope type in the above figure

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2. Stage

4.  Body tube

3. Arm

1. Base

Q. Supports the microscope and located at the bottom

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2.  Focal adjusment knob

4.  Stage Adjustment knob

3. Fine adjustment knob

1. Coarse adjustment knob

Q. Knob on the microscope used with the low power objective

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2.  Eyepiece

4.  Nosepiece

3.  Stage clips

1.  Adjustment knobs

Q. These hold the slide in place on a microscope.

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2.  Base

4.  Arm

3. Stage

1. Diaphragm

Q. This is where the slide sits on the microscope

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2.  Objective Lenses

4.  Illuminators

3. Ocular Lens

1. Eyepiece

Q. Lenses consist of low 4X, medium 10X, and high 40X 

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