What Are Updates To IMessage and Why Should You Care

What Are Updates To IMessage and Why Should You Care

What Are Updates To IMessage and Why Should You Care

Apple’s new Updates To IMessage is designed to flag sexual images when being sent to or from minors on iMessage. Depending on the child’s age, the technology …

Do you yet have iOS 16 installed on your iPhone and IMessage?

Anyone with a supported device can download and install the update, which unlocks several previously unavailable options and customizations.

The iPhone 14 and its accompanying iOS 16 operating system have been beta testing since the springtime WWDC conference. It’s packed with enhancements and new features designed to improve your iPhone experience. Some examples are a more flexible lock screen, the ability to go back and edit a message that you have already sent, and a smart photo editor. The battery percentage has also been restored.

Read on as we discuss the 11 most useful new additions to iOS 16 for your iPhone. Ensure you’ve done those three things before diving into iOS 16’s hidden gems. This is why you should hold off on installing iOS 16 right away.

IMessage Modification And Dismissal Features

Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi declared at WWDC that the days of “embarrassing typo errors” were over as he unveiled three much-requested improvements to the Messages app.

In iOS 16, you’ll have the option to go back and change previously delivered texts. Thus, you can go back and fix any typos you may have made in a message after you have sent it. The status updates include a little “modified” beneath the message. 

Second, and this may be the most favored new function, you can undo a delivered message at any time. If you send a message without finishing it, you can undo it and send a new one that is more complete and, perhaps, less confusing to your friends and family.

Finally, you can choose not to read a certain message or thread. If you don’t have time to reply to a message but want to make sure you remember it, this could be a useful tool.

The Brand-New, IMessage Fully Modifiable Lock Screen

The Brand-New, IMessage Fully Modifiable Lock Screen | Readohunt
The Brand-New, IMessage Fully Modifiable Lock Screen | Readohunt

The iPhone’s lock screen is one of the most often viewed screens, especially if your iPhone features Face ID. The iPhone’s lock screen has significantly improved with iOS 16. Lock screen customization via press and hold. Using just a swipe, you can explore a variety of looks. Each theme offers a unique color filter for the lock screen’s backdrop image and typeface. This reminds of Apple’s approach to Google’s Material You, which debuted with Android 12.

You can add widgets like a thermometer, activity rings, and a calendar to the lock screen and change the fonts used to display the time and date. To compare, the widgets are like complications on the Apple Watch home screen.

It’s also possible to create numerous unique lock screens, each with its own set of widgets, and to quickly and effortlessly swipe between them. The photographs on your lock screen can be randomly rotated, and this feature is available as an option.

It was hoped that Apple would implement an always-on screen. Almost every Android phone has it, and so does the Apple Watch. With the release of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple has introduced an always-on display.

IMessage: Alerts And Real-time Events

IMessage: Alerts And Real-time Events | Readohunt
IMessage: Alerts And Real-time Events | Readohunt

iOS 16 IMessage relocates alerts to the bottom of the screen in response to the problem that they occasionally cause the lock screen photo to be obscured. They are shown in a vertical carousel format as you get them rather than a horizontal list. This will improve the iPhone’s aesthetics and make it easier to use with one hand.

In iOS 16, Apple also plans to address an issue with notifications. For example, if you have an app that displays the current score of a basketball game, you may receive several consecutive messages. Rather than being constantly interrupted, users may keep tabs on what’s going on in the world without unlocking their phones, thanks to a new developer tool called Live Activities.

Using Live Activities, tracking games, workouts, or even an Uber ride, should be less hassle.

Utilize Pats To Bypass Captchas IMessage

The CAPTCHA, an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart,” has been widely implemented because it serves a necessary purpose. A human being and not an automated program must complete a CAPTCHA before gaining access to the site or service. These puzzles bother you because you must read bizarrely spelled letters or search through pictures to find ones that feature a vehicle. As iOS 16, Apple will begin implementing Private Access Tokens to do away with these clumsy exchanges.

A video on Apple’s website demonstrates Private Access Tokens, which allow supported websites to “log in” and “authenticate that you are actually a human” without requiring you to play any of the typical CAPTCHA games. We can’t declare CAPTCHA will be dead after iOS 16 is released to the public because Apple mentions in the video that the company is working with other companies to push out support for this functionality. Still, widespread implementation of the idea holds promise for bringing welcome relief.

IMessage: Wallet And Apple Pay Later

IMessage: Wallet And Apple Pay Later | Readohunt
IMessage: Wallet And Apple Pay Later | Readohunt

More state IDs and enhanced privacy and security options are coming to the Wallet app. You can conceal your age and personal information with iOS 16. The Wallet app will instead indicate that you are over the age of 21 and your ID rather displaying your actual birth date.

Thanks to iOS 16, sending and receiving keys is much simpler in apps like Mail and Messages. Your friend can save the key in the iPhone’s Wallet app after they have it. Apple has stated that it attempts to make shared keys a universally adopted, open-source norm.

New payment methods will be supported, and an Apple Pay Later will allow you to pay for an Apple Pay transaction in four equal installments over six weeks with no interest or penalties. Apple Pay Later is similar to Klarna in this regard. The wallet makes it simple to schedule and monitors upcoming bill payments.

Still, Apple Pay has more to offer. This new functionality allows Apple Pay customers to receive detailed receipts and tracking information from participating retailers. Keeping track of your orders should be less of a hassle now.
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Just Tap And Pull On Visual Look Up’s Picture Results

Photos taken with iOS 15’s new Visual Look Up feature are analyzed so that you may learn more about the people, places, and things in them. The new iOS 16 version elevates the whole thing. When you tap on an object in a photo, like a puppy in the example up top, you may isolate it from its setting and share it in various ways, including through the Messages app. Tap and hold the backdrop of an image to remove it.

Apple is guilty of using the word “magic” too much, but this feature is magical.

SharePlay In IMessage

With iOS 15, SharePlay allows users to play games together over FaceTime. Things like synchronized music and TV viewing are possible. With iOS 16, you can now look for other SharePlay-compatible apps directly from within FaceTime.

Perhaps the most interesting thing Apple did with SharePlay was to integrate it into the Messages app. According to Apple, this was a much-requested feature among programmers. Sharing a Disney Plus movie with a friend is now as easy as starting SharePlay while conversing in Messages.

Aids For Human Facing Domestic Violence

The new Safety Check function is designed to aid those who are in violent relationships. Access to an iPhone’s location data, passwords, messages, and other apps may all be reviewed and changed.

Modified Focus Filters And Improved Focus Mode

Modified Focus Filters And Improved Focus Mode  | Readohunt
Modified Focus Filters And Improved Focus Mode | Readohunt

There are a number of enhancements to the focus mode. The first modifies the appearance of the lock screen and widgets to use Focus behavior. A separate lock screen might be used during Work Focus, while another could be used while exercising.

Apple added focus filters to allow you to use your iPhone’s Focus mode in-app. For instance, when using Safari’s Focus mode, you can control which tabs are displayed.

Transit Fare Cards Are Now Available On Apple Maps

Frequently, Maps will receive new and improved features and functionality. You’ll have the flexibility to map routes with as many as 15 intermediate stops. You may use the Maps application on your Mac to plot your route and sync that information with your iPhone.

Similar to what was revealed for Google Wallet in Android 13, users can view estimated transit fares and contribute funds to a fare card directly from Apple Maps.

IMessage: In-Group Checklist For iCloud

New capabilities have been added to iCloud. Fascinating is the chance to rapidly configure a new gadget for your kids. Quick Start allows you to select a user for the new device and apply all the parental controls you have already selected and configured. Many of us still would like the option to create different users on the same device. You can use the new family checklist to keep track of important things like checking location-sharing settings and sharing iCloud Plus subscriptions with your children as they age.

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