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Get Blocked WhatsApp Messages Back

Get Blocked WhatsApp Messages Back

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You unblock a friend on Whatsapp Messages after clearing up a misunderstanding because of which you had blocked him/her in the first instance. When you go through WhatsApp’s main screen, you can’t find your old conversations.

Do you need to recover blocked WhatsApp messages?

Don’t worry; it’s not over yet – here are a few ways on how to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp.

If you give us five minutes, we can explain how to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp by going through the archived conversations (the “hidden” section of WhatsApp where your old messages might have ended up) and, if the first solution doesn’t work, we’ll explain how to restore a previous backup of the app to recover your old deleted chats. Finally, we’ll provide you “a special tip” on how to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp before unlocking it (and therefore had not been delivered to you).

Whether you have an Android or iPhone, reading this article can help you retrieve deleted or, at the absolute least, teach you how to achieve a similar result so you can avoid future problems.

Whatsapp Messages Backups

Whatsapp Messages Backups | Readohunt
Whatsapp Messages Backups | Readohunt

Before restoring WhatsApp backups, check the “Archive” area of WhatsApp, where you can “hide” chats from the main screen.

After blocking the contact you’ve now unblocked, you may have archived your chats with him. You can reclaim them by clearing them from the archive. Here is how to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp for your Android, iOS, or Web WhatsApp

WhatsApp App Android

If you’re using Android, start the official WhatsApp app, select the Chat tab, and tap Stored Chat. If the conversation you just unblocked is in the WhatsApp archive, continue to the following steps.

Long-tap the conversation to extract it from the archive, then press the top-right box icon. The archived chat will return to WhatsApp’s chat tab. Easy, right?

WhatsApp App Android | Readohunt
WhatsApp App Android | Readohunt

WhatsApp App iPhone

Is your mobile device an iPhone? Want to know how to find blocked chats on WhatsApp? Do not worry. Launch the official WhatsApp iPhone app, pick the Chat tab (bottom right), swipe from top to bottom, and press the Chat archive item.

If your blocked (and later unblocked) contact’s discussion appears in your archived chat list, extract it. Swipe right-to-left on its title and press the extract button (or alternatively, drag your finger to the far left of the screen).

The selected conversation returns to WhatsApp Messages chat tab.

Do you use WhatsApp via the web service or the Windows or macOS platform?

Want to learn to recover blocked WhatsApp messages? If so, click the v arrow in the left sidebar and choose Archived.

Scroll through the archived conversations; if you see the one with the blocked contact, hover over it, click the v arrow on the right, and pick Extract chat from the archive from the menu.

WhatsApp’s main screen displays the selected conversation which was archived before.

Easy Way To Retrieve Blocked Messages Of WhatsApp 

Didn’t the results you were looking for come up in the search of the archived conversations? If that’s the case, we’re truly sorry, but all you need to do is to try how to retrieve the blocked messages on WhatsApp by restoring WhatsApp to a previous state.

WhatsApp’s backup feature must be activated before the app may be restored to a previous state. In order for WhatsApp to “see” and restore the backup, you will need to uninstall it from your mobile device and then reinstall it. The main aim of this activity is to learn how to find blocked chats on WhatsApp!

Obviously, the backup used must have been created before the communications of the blocked contact were destroyed.

On Android, you can recover WhatsApp backups from Google Drive or from the device’s internal memory. The first option restores only the most recent WhatsApp backup (the app backs up to Google Drive daily), while the second restores prior backups as well. Let’s get into the depth of both situations.

Google Drive

If you erased the blocked user’s WhatsApp conversations recently, here is how you can retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp of theirs from Google Drive.

Google Drive | Readohunt
Google Drive | Readohunt

Check Google Drive’s backup feature and last backup date. Launch WhatsApp Messages, click Chat on the top left, press ⋮ on the top right, and pick Settings. Next, navigate to Chat > Chat Backup and check the Google Drive label under Last Backup for the date of your last Google Drive backup. If the information is missing, Google Drive’s backup function isn’t active, and you can’t proceed. If there’s a time instead of a date, that signifies the backup was made at the stated time.

Uninstall WhatsApp. Find the app icon on the home screen or in the Android drawer (a list of all installed apps), press it, and drag it to the trash icon or Uninstall button. Choose Uninstall from the menu.

Post this step, reinstall the WhatsApp application.

Enable WhatsApp and accept the backup. Launch WhatsApp after installation and continue the on-screen setup. It’s our aim is to restore blocked messages; the program prompts to restore conversation backups from Google Drive after validating the number must be accepted.

Device Internal Memory

Google Drive backup is too current to include your WhatsApp communications. Then at such times, you can only use app backups on your phone (or tablet). Here is a simple process on how to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp from the internal memory of the device.

Google Drive shouldn’t have WhatsApp access. Go to Google Drive permissions, pick WhatsApp, and click Remove access. This removes from Google Drive and forces it to use local backups. Reauthorize WhatsApp by starting a Google Drive backup within the app. After this, download any file manager application for Android.

Access WhatsApp’s backup folder using a file manager. Home WhatsApp Databases has that folder, and it contains all the files.

The oldest WhatsApp Messages backups are named msgstore-[date]. 

WhatsApp’s latest backup is msgstore.db.crypt12 (normally, backups are made automatically every 24 hours from the application).

Change the backup’s name. You must rename the backup you want to utilize (the one that goes back to the day you want to rest the conversations) to msgstore.db.crypt12 and rename the current one to msgstore.db.crypt12.old.

  • Download msgstore.db.crypt12. Send yourself an email to save it.
  • Uninstall and then reinstall WhatsApp from Play Store.
  • Add msgstore.db.crypt12 to WhatsApp. Using a file manager, open the HomeWhatsAppDatabases folder and paste the msgstore.db.crypt12 file there.
  • Open WhatsApp and select on the agree tab to restore the backup.


iPhone users may only restore the most recent WhatsApp Messages backup, which the app automatically saves to iCloud (Apple’s cloud service) every day. There are no other ways on how to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp. Unfortunately, local backups can’t be used to restore the app on iOS. Below are the following steps

Check that iCloud backup is on and the last backup date. Launch WhatsApp, click to Settings > Chat > Chat Backup. Check the date or time next to the last backup item for the last iCloud backup. If the information is missing, the backup capability isn’t active, and you can’t recover WhatsApp.

Uninstall and then reinstall the WhatsApp application from the App Store.

WhatsApp iPhone | Readohunt
WhatsApp iPhone | Readohunt

Activate WhatsApp and accept the backup. Launch and start the setup process. The application will ask if you want to restore the iCloud chat backup after validating the number. Press Restore chat history of accepting.

For the process to work, the iPhone must have the same phone number and Apple ID.

Whatsapp Blocked Contact Message Recovery

You want to restore old WhatsApp Messages conversations, right? How would you recover blocked messages that never reached your phone? There is really no magic to restore blocked messages on WhatsApp by a technical method.  

You can only contact the person you blocked on and ask him to resend the messages he sent you before they were unblocked, which you may do from your phone or computer. Messages you want to forward don’t have a double checkmark.


Many WhatsApp users struggle with how to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp Messages. Our guide above simplifies the process. We think your doubt of recovering blocked contacts WhatsApp messages is resolved here.

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