WhatsApp Features Launched In 2023

WhatsApp Features Launched In 2023

WhatsApp Features Launched In 2023

WhatsApp Features is constantly looking for new ways to improve the chatting experience for users, whether it’s through improved visuals, improved privacy…


Several new features were introduced to WhatsApp Features in 2022 for both iOS and Android users. It enhanced video calling by letting more people join a single conversation and introducing tools like polls within a chat to make communication easier. Being able to conceal one’s online status in the WhatsApp messaging app is one of the software’s most incredible new features this year. The most useful new features introduced by WhatsApp this year are briefly discussed here.

New and improved WhatsApp features for 2023

New and improved WhatsApp features for 2022 | Readohunt
New and improved WhatsApp features for 2022 | Readohunt
  • One of WhatsApp’s best features, video calling, has just become better with the addition of support for up to 32 participants.
  • The messaging application WhatsApp gives you the option to conceal your presence online within the app itself. Once you have enabled this functionality in the settings, you will no longer be able to view the online activity of other users, including yourself. This function can be discovered within the app’s privacy settings by the user.
  • Those who no longer wish to participate in a particular WhatsApp Features group can now discreetly unsubscribe from it. Previously, the app would notify everyone when a member of the group left. Members, other than the group’s administrator, will not be informed of your decision to leave the group in the future if you choose to do so quietly.
  • With WhatsApp’s Message Yourself feature, you may now use the app as a digital notepad. To put it plainly, the software enables you to use your own phone number to send and receive text messages, making them instantly accessible. WhatsApp is great because you can “pin” messages that are particularly essential to you.
  • The option to conceal one’s profile image from specific contacts is another feature added to WhatsApp in 2022. More than just socializing with one another, the platform serves a number of functions. Some WhatsApp users may feel obligated to conceal their identity because they have conversations with strangers. You may already conceal your status, last seen time, and other personal information on the platform.
  • Among the most requested additions to the platform was emoji support for both iOS and Android. This function enables you to respond rapidly to a message with a variety of reactions.
  • In 2022, the app received a new section called Communities, which was designed to improve communication between institutions such as schools, corporations, and other organizations through the provision of extra features.
  • Finally, WhatsApp’s 2022 addition of polls within conversations is also very useful. Simply use the chat’s attachment button to make a poll quickly.

WhatsApp Features To Look Out For In 2023

Several new features are in the works for WhatsApp and could be released soon. Several of these capabilities are already available to anyone who has signed up to be a WhatsApp Features beta programmer, while others are still in development but may be released in the near future. Below are a few ideas for upcoming additions to WhatsApp’s features.

Features To Be Launched In 2023

Features To Be Launched In 2023 | Readohunt
Features To Be Launched In 2023 | Readohunt

Message Edits

Eventually, WhatsApp Features will let you edit WhatsApp messages you’ve already sent. According to reports, WhatsApp is developing a new tool that would allow users to edit messages within fifteen min of sending them, similar to Twitter. An “edited label” will now appear in the option provided next to altered messages. The message is modified, but it’s still not obvious if it can be changed again. Nonetheless, the feature is currently being developed, and beta testing shall launch very shortly.

Increase In Group Participants

WhatsApp plans to increase the limit once again. The maximum number of participants has been set at 512 for the time being. However, the Meta-owned chat network will soon allow users to join up to 1,024 members in a single group. A small group of WhatsApp Features beta testers on Android and iOS will get access to the new functionality by the end of January 2023.

Sharing Media With Caption

Images, movies, and GIFs with captions can be sent between WhatsApp Features users. However, a new update to the service will shortly go out that will let people send documents with captions. In addition, users can employ the feature’s search bar to seek for any files they have exchanged in the conversation. The feature is currently being developed and will be ready for testing in the near future.

Blocking Screenshots For View Once Files

WhatsApp users will soon have access to the much-requested update. Users will be unable to capture screenshots of “View Once” content, improving the platform’s security and privacy. The functionality is currently available to some Android beta testers, and it is expected to be available to everyone in the near future.

Premium Subscriptions For WhatsApp

WhatsApp wants to introduce a particular Premium subscription tier explicitly tailored to businesses. With this option, businesses can afford the premium features that increase their reach and device connectivity but would otherwise be out of reach. WhatsApp Features Premium is a paid upgrade available to specific business accounts. Currently, the feature is only available to a small number of iOS and Android beta testers. Beta users can activate the WhatsApp Premium experience for businesses by going to the WhatsApp Settings menu.

Smart Back-Up Functionality

Reportedly, WhatsApp is working on a new functionality that would allow users to manage the size of the chat backups and exclude specific data, such as documents and photos, from being stored in the cloud. WABetaInfo claims that WhatsApp Features is working on a new feature dubbed “Manage backup size” that would give users more say over the amount of their backup before they are sent to the cloud. Potentially, the feature will only work with Google Drive backups made from Android devices.

Clickable Links For Status

Users will be able to enable Hyperlinks in the caption of status updates using this function, which is analogous to Instagram’s “story” feature. Because of this, visitors will be able to visit URLs by only using the links provided.

Multi-Device Sync

With the WhatsApp Companion Mode, users will be able to link an additional mobile device, such as a tablet, to their current WhatsApp account. This feature is also compatible with smartphones. In addition, web WhatsApp is the only version of WhatsApp Features that allows users to link their account number to a desktop device.


Reactions for chat bubbles are the latest innovation from the ever-innovative Whatsapp team. By using this update, you can respond to a message even without opening the chat panel. Changes to the chat bubble interface and the addition of voice notes are also rumored to be coming shortly. So be on the lookout since these changes may soon be accessible through your WhatsApp Features account.

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