Who Is Better – Bing Or Bard?

Who Is Better - Bing Or Bard?

Who Is Better - Bing Or Bard?

Bing vs. Bard? Google’s AI-powered chatbot Bard was inspired by ChatGPT’s huge success. Two days later, Microsoft launched Bing and Edge with AI. Will Google survive OpenAI and Microsoft?

The Battle For Superiority

On Wednesday, AI was trending on Twitter. “A Technology Race Starts as Microsoft Brings #AI to Its Search Engine,” tweeted futurist and Rise of the Robots author Martin Ford. Google invented transformer models, whereas OpenAI’s ChatGPT uses GPT-3.5. Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications powers Bard, which a former Google engineer alleged was sentient. Bing responded with an AI-powered Edge browser with ChatGPT-like search. AI battle has begun.

Revolution In Search Engine Usage

To this point, search engines have presented a list of results that are most pertinent to answering a user’s question or query. Users now have the option to just ask a question rather than searching through a large number of links thanks to the addition of a chat interface. It is also possible that the deployment of such AI will alter the way search engine optimization (SEO) is performed on websites. This is because websites will now strive to deliver the ‘best’ answer to a query rather than merely appear at the top of Search results. In browsers, AI might become value additions in the form of features that show extra or related information or even automatically summarize the content of a page that the user is currently viewing.

Is there full access to Bard And Bing?

While only “trusted users” are permitted access to Google’s Bard at the moment, everyone is free to use Bing.com to try out sample searches or sign up for the waitlist. You are able to use the “compose” and “chat” functions of Microsoft’s Edge web browser as well. Microsoft has immediate plans to make it available on mobile devices as well. The new Bing features an access waitlist for those who want to use the full version. You may only access predefined queries for the time being.

Will This Upchart Microsoft’s Down Trend

Will This Upchart Microsoft’s Down Trend | Readohunt
Will This Upchart Microsoft’s Down Trend | Readohunt

The search engine, browser, and digital marketing markets are all led by Google. In CY22, Microsoft reported digital advertising revenue of $18 billion, which was significantly lower than Google’s net revenue of $168.44 billion for the same time period. According to Statcounter, Chrome holds over 65% of the market share for browsers, whereas Edge only holds 4.5% of the market share. The market share for search engines is dominated by Google, which has a staggering 89% share, followed by Bing, which has 4.55%. On the other hand, Microsoft believes that the modifications it has made to Bing and Edge will allow it to “innovate at a greater rate because of the lesser market share.”


Experts believe that “smart” platforms such as ChatGPT can provide answers that are “incorrect” and “nonsensical,” therefore contributing to the spread of misinformation. Microsoft claims that it has put in classifier to its artificial intelligence to prevent prejudices when using Google for search, but AI governance controls are still necessary. In addition, Bard there may be concerns regarding the manner in which publishers will be compensated by either Microsoft or Google for the same content. Search engines have a responsibility to guarantee that they continue to drive traffic to websites rather than merely luring users into the enclosed spaces of their own online communities.

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