Who Use Android: Uninstall The Programs They Battery Hog

Those Of You Who Use Android: Uninstall These Programs; They're Battery Hogs

Those Of You Who Use Android: Uninstall These Programs; They're Battery Hogs

Constantly having a low battery is a pain, and your apps might be to blame. Here’s how to find out which apps suck the most life our Your Android phone.


After the McAfee Mobile Research Team discovered that 13 Android apps were engaging in fraudulent activity with advertisements, Google banned the apps from the Google Play Store. Ad fraud is essentially a means for developers to manipulate advertising systems in order to increase the amount of money they make from advertisements.

But why should you be so concerned with this matter?

You ought to be concerned about this because it indicates that the malicious applications are always active on your system. This causes the battery on your gadget to run down faster. In addition to that, the repeated reconnecting attempts can further reduce the bandwidth available on your network. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you uninstall these programs as soon as humanly possible.

These applications are very deceptive. Once they are installed, they alter both their name and their app icon, making it more difficult to locate and delete them. According to the report, many of them attempt to conceal themselves as the default Settings app. You will receive advertisements if the malware is installed. A significant number of advertisements. These advertisements originate from sources that cannot be trusted, and as a result, they may infect your computer with more malware. That’s concerning, but don’t panic; we’ll walk you through which ones need to be deleted.

We can breathe a sigh of relief now that the problematic apps have been withdrawn from the Google Play Store. You should still delete them from your device even though you won’t need them anymore.

Which Android apps were taken down because of fraudulent ad activity?

Verify that the following applications have been deleted from your Android device in order to ensure that it is clean of any potentially harmful software.

NameDownloadedPackage Name
High-Speed Camera10,000,000+com.hantor.CozyCamera
Smart Task Manager 5,000,000+com.james.SmartTaskManager
Busan Bus1,000,000+com.kmshack.BusanBus
Quick Note500,000+com.movinapp.quicknote
Currency Convertor500,000+com.smartwho.SmartCurrencyConverter
Joy Code100,000+com.joysoft.barcode
Instagram Profile Downloader100,000+com.schedulezero.instapp
Ez Notes100,000+com.meek.tingboard
Android Phone Low Battery | Readohunt
Android Phone Low Battery | Readohunt

You should get rid of any of these Android apps that are still on your phone if you have them. The removal of Google’s tracking helps, but you still shouldn’t keep apps on your phone that were using you inappropriately.

To reiterate, uninstall all of these applications as soon as possible. These apps have a total of hundreds of thousands of downloads, which means they are installed on a variety of devices; therefore, you should ensure that yours is one of them.

Android software Battery Use

The filters that are used by the Play Store do not catch every malicious piece of Android software. Even if Google is unable to keep you safe, there are several things that you may do to ensure your own protection. Things include avoiding using any chat app that isn’t a well-known brand name like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Seriously, this includes any that are given to you by someone already in your contacts as well as those that have a download link that is not associated with the Play Store.

The fact that messaging apps frequently request access to users’ SMS messages makes them particularly risky. This is problematic since it is from this location that the codes for your two-factor authentication are sent. Take a moment before installing a new app to think about whether or not the permissions it requests are acceptable for the kind of app you are installing. Things like a PDF reader software requesting access to your microphone or your SMS messages.

If you notice anything that seems out of the ordinary, you shouldn’t provide the rights and should delete the app.

Android software Battery Use | Readohunt
Android software Battery Use | Readohunt

Reading the reviews for any app that you are unfamiliar with is another fantastic option. Watch out for a lot of reviews that only give the product one rating or reviews that state something like “doesn’t work” or something similar. These are generally always cons of some kind in one form or another.

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