Your Police Bust Fake-Selling Apple iPhone Gang

Your Police Bust Fake-Selling Apple iPhone Gang

Your Police Bust Fake-Selling Apple iPhone Gang


A group selling counterfeit iPhone 13s at inexpensive prices in India’s capital was recently arrested by authorities in Noida. At least 60 counterfeit iPhones were found, and 3 of the gang’s members were detained. According to the police, the group bought counterfeit iPhones for Rs 4,500 via a Chinese shopping web and Apple stickers for Rs 1,000 apiece. The counterfeit phones cost the group only Rs 12,000 each in Delhi. As a result, if you’re going to buy an iPhone from a reseller, you need always make sure it’s not a refurbished or fake model. Here are some easy ways to make it a certainty.

Verify The IMEI Number

An IMEI number will be included with every original model of the iPhone. Therefore, this is among the most straightforward methods for determining whether or not your iPhone is You can learn information about the network and country from where your smartphone initially originated, the warranty information, the date of purchase, the carrier, the system version, the device specifications, and other specifics by using this special IMEI Number.

When should I check the IMEI information? Before purchasing a new or used gadget, you should utilise the IMEI checker. You can then determine whether the device is legitimate and authentic. Additionally, you can verify that the specification and the selling offer are in line. You should utilise the IMEI information merely to get to know your phone better and to learn pertinent details about it. an IMEI.

The IMEI Can Be Found At The Following Places: Text On The Box

These numbers are listed in various locations, one of which is on the product’s original box. On the packaging, you should be able to find the IMEI number. On the barcode, you will discover the IMEI/MEID as well as the serial number. It is imperative that you examine it and validate it by comparing it to the IMEI number located in the Configuration of your iPhone.

In Order To Verify That Your iPhone’s IMEI Is Correct, Follow These Steps

Find the IMEI number on your iPhone here. To view the About menu, go to the Settings menu and then select General. It is possible that you will be required to scroll down in order to locate the IMEI number. In the event that there is neither an IMEI nor a serial number, there is a significant possibility that perhaps the iPhone model in question is counterfeit.

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Apple’s Website Will Tell You If Your iPhone Is Covered

Utilize the “Check Coverage” to ascertain the age of your iPhone based on the date that your iPhone warranty will no longer be valid. Please enter the serial number of your iPhone into the area provided on this page. Users are able to examine the status of their Apple warranty and determine whether or not they are eligible to purchase additional coverage. Since Apple provides a manufacturer’s guarantee of one year on all of its products, you may determine the original purchase date of your iPhone by subtracting one year from the date that is displayed on the page for the warranty’s expiration.

Go To The Nearest Apple Store

Apple Store | Readohunt
Apple Store | Readohunt

If you are still unclear, the best course of action would be to take the iPhone to the closest Apple store in order to get it checked out. The employees at the Apple store will perform a brief examination to assist you in determining whether or not your gadget is genuine.

Always Be Sure You’re Purchasing From A Legitimate Source

Ensure that you purchase the iPhone from a retailer that is officially authorized to sell Apple products. A number of authorized Apple retailers can be found in India, including iWorld, Imagine, Uni, and Aptronix. Electronic retail businesses such as Croma, Vijay Sales, Reliance Retail, and Sangeetha Mobiles are some of the other names that purchasers want to take into consideration. Apple has authorized alike Amazon and Flipkart to sell its products and services.

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